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Kinds Of Sentences In English (Semantic)

Based on the meaning (Semantic), sentences are categorized into:
1. Assertive sentences
2. Imperative sentences
3. Interrogative sentences
4. Exclamatory sentences
5. Affirmative sentences
6. Negative sentences
Sentences In English

Sentences which state facts, describe things, or report events are called Assertive or Declarative Sentences.

 Assertive sentences in English examples:
Dr. Mohan teaches English.
Varanasi is on the banks of the Ganga.
New york is the capital city of USA.

Types Of Sentences In English


Sentences that explress an order, a request, advice, a direction, a suggestion, a command, etc. are imperative sentences. These sentences start with the verb, and the subject (You) is understood.
 Imperative sentences in English examples:
Take these books to the library.
Get me a cup of coffee, please.
Be neither a borrower nor a lender.
There are some sentence which express ‘commands’ in an indirect way. Let is used at the beginning of these sentences. Subject is not omitted but expressed in these sentences.

Imperative sentences in English examples:
Let the manager talk to the director first.
Let’s start at once.
Let the boys assemble in the auditorium or the seminar.

Types Of English Sentences


Sentences that are used to make inquiries and to ask questions are interrogative or question sentences.
 Interrogative sentences in English examples:

Can I help you?
What shall we have for lunch?
Is the bus late this morning?


Sentences that express surprise, admiration, pity, sorrow and other feelings in an emphatic way are called exclamatory sentences.
Exclamatory sentences in English examples:
How fast time flies!
What a beautiful view we have from here!
What a wonderful piece of art this is!
What a tragedy!


You have seen that all the sentences given above as examples are statements, commands, questions and exclamations. They affirm something in a positive way. They are affirmative sentences.


Look at the following sentences.
Negative sentences in English examples:
He is not a rich man.
I cannot complete this work today.
They don’t understand our difficulties.
I have never watched a test match.
All these are also statements but they use words such as Not an NEVER and are negative in meaning. They are called negative sentences.

Note: Commands can also be negative.

Example: Don’t touch those glass exhibits.
Sentences of this kind are called negative commands or prohibitions. There can also be questions which are negative.

Hasn’t he got a car?
Why didn’t you come to the class in time?

Sentences of this kind are called negative questions.


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