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Monday 22 March 2021

As You Sow, So You Reap Moral story

                                      -      V.Hari Charan
About the Author:
Mr. Hari Charan Vasudha is presently doing 9th standard in Sri Kakatiya Merit School, Bhimavaram. Andhra Pradesh. He has developed interest in writing short stories in English for the past four years. Apart from Story writing, he is interested in music. Both his parents are teachers. The present short story titled ‘As you sow so you reap’ is his fourth story.


Sunday 13 September 2020

The Summary of The Adventure With The Lion

The novel “Don Quixote” was written by Servantez. Don Quixote lived in a small village called La Mancha in Spain. He imagined himself to be a knight. He chose a man named Sancho Panza as his squire. He named his horse Rozinate. He wore a shield and a sword. He held a lance in his hand. He left his house in search of adventures. He looked like a simpleton in his attire, talk and actions. The present story is one of his crazy and funny adventures.
One day Don Quixote set out on his adventures. 
The Adventure With the Lion Short Story
The Adventure With the Lion Short Story

Thursday 6 July 2017

Moral Story For High School Children

About The Author

NAME                :       BANDARU PAVANI

CLASS               :       8th



Moral Story For High School Students
Moral Story For High School Students

Sunday 14 May 2017

Humorous stories for 10th class

Once upon a time there lived a young man Shekhchilli. He was very foolish he lived with his mother in a village. One day his mother became sick with high fever and she was worried about his idiot son and about putting him into some useful work so, she said to him. My dear son I am suffering from high fever .you must do some work Take the sickle and go to the jungle and cut the grass the way you saw me cutting. Then he went to the jungle and cut a bale of grass by noon It was a very proud moment for Shekhchilli.

The Adventure With the Lion Short Story {Summary} Written By Servantez
Humorous Story For High School Students

Thursday 27 October 2016

The Wise Guests Inspirational Stories for Kids

Hi friends! Here is an Inspirational Story for Kids. This is a Short Story For Children. These kind of bedtime short stories for your children are narrated by our grandparents at bed time so these are also known as bed time children stories. Today’s Top story is “The Wise Guests” . I hope you like this Child story a lot.

#The Wise Guests Bedtime Story#

Once there was a king in a little kingdom. He was a miser though he was wealthy. One day a son was born to him and he decided to arrange a big feast to celebrate the occasion. He invited the priests all over the country to the feast, because it was conventional to feed poor priests on such an auspicious day.

On the day of the feast, a large number of poor priests came to the palace. They assembled in a big hall. They were sat in several rows. The king’s servants placed a silver plate in front of each guest. They brought several buckets full of laddus for them. The priests were happy at the sight of the sweets. They told themselves that they wo8ld eat about fifteen laddus each at one sitting. The servants laced two laddus in each plate. Then the king came forward and said.
The Wise Guests Bedtime Story

Tuesday 30 August 2016

The Clever Brothers – Adapted From Rama Raju’s Folk Tales Of Andhra Pradesh

The King’s court was full of people who had assembled to witness the trial that was to take place that day. Four young men were brought to the court. A traveler with his wife had also been brought before the King.


Thursday 25 August 2016

The Story of the Yaksha Prashna 

Once upon a time Pandavas were there. In those day Pandavas along with Dravpati lived in the forest. In that forest a Brahmin was there. He had sticks named Arani which wer useful to produce fire. It is stolen by a deer. The Brahmin comes near to the Pandavas and complained against a deer taken his sticks and escapes. So he has no other sticks to produce fire in Vedic rituals.

Wednesday 17 August 2016

Children's Story Raju’s New Cycle Written By B.Jyothsna Sripriya

About the Author
Name   : B.Jyothsna Sripriya
D/o                            : B.Arunasri
Date of Birth : 25.07.2002.
Occupation : Student - 10th class
School : SRIKAKATIYA Merit School, Bhimavaram
Hobbies                      : Singing, Listening music, Reading comics and Music.

Saturday 13 August 2016

Children Story: Tree Is My Teacher Written By Divyanjali Talam

About the Author:
This is Divyanjali Talam, Presently studying ninth class in Sri Kakatiya Merit School, Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh, India. She is interested in writing short stories in English for the past one year. Her hobbies are drawing, painting, reading books, watching T.V. Her mother is a teacher and her father is a police man. She has written a short story named “Tree is My Teacher”.


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