Saturday 13 August 2016

Children Story: Tree Is My Teacher Written By Divyanjali Talam

About the Author:
This is Divyanjali Talam, Presently studying ninth class in Sri Kakatiya Merit School, Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh, India. She is interested in writing short stories in English for the past one year. Her hobbies are drawing, painting, reading books, watching T.V. Her mother is a teacher and her father is a police man. She has written a short story named “Tree is My Teacher”.


Tree Is My Teacher Short Story

Once a student asks his Guru as dear sir you are well knowledgeable person so that I can get answer of my each and every doubt. I think I am so lucky, therefore I would like to know who your Guru is. Then the teacher answers that looking at a tree that is my Guru. The student is shocked at his answer.
How is it possible sir? A tree cannot talk, says the student. Then the Guru answers that there is no need of words to teach, it teaches the life skills in silence. In winter season tree loses all of the leaves then we think that it is dead, but after sometime it gets all of its new leaves very quickly.

By this we can understand that in problems we should not become dull and we will get solution and will be happy after sometime. After that autumn season/spring season comes we always wait with hope for happy days in sorrowful situations.

Tree always rests at one place. It never changes its place even it is happy and always satisfies with some quantity of water. It never wastes any drop of water and utilizes each drop to develop itself and grows up.

A Tree never does any harm to anybody those who beat for fruits, flowers and leaves who throw stones and destroy the branches of a tree. It gives all of its sweet fruits and beautiful flowers with love and affection.

Not only the tree takes the harmful Co2 from our environment and gives very useful O2 for the livelihood of every animal.
Tree never eats its own fruits. It gives all of its fruits flowers, O2, Shadow to the tired people. It gives each and everything what it has and it never feels proud. So that tree is a well-wisher of mankind good friend and best teacher to everybody, answered the Guru.

Then the student understands the Greatness of the tree and some more life skills from tree.
The student decides to plant as many plants as he can so that he can help the society and he is very thankful to his master who gave wonderful life skills to him.


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