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Hi friends and my dear students! I would like to share in this article, Attitude Is Altitude Creative Expression Diary Entry & Description  - 2. After reading this Attitude Is Altitude Creative Expression, Please share with your friends.

Attitude is Altitude Creative Expression

Attitude is Altitude Creative Expression - 2

Attitude is Altitude Creative Expression Description 

In the lesson "Attitude is Altitude", you have read about Nick's suicidal attempt which became unsuccessful.

Now imagine you are Nick and describe it.

I was very disappointed. Why should I live like this? When all the other children are walking and running, I have to lie down on the floor with my face down. It is shameful and disgusting too. How can I live in this condition? The other boys in the school have always harassed me. Every time they see me, they point at me and say, "Look, a worm is crawling". That saddens me. I can't answer them, I can't fight with them. They are physically stronger than me. 

Even though I was strong, I don't think I could fight anyone. I love my parents. But I think they have a lot of concerns for me. I want to put an end to their worries. The only way is to end my life. There was a bath. When there was no one to watch, I stood by the tub and looked into it. I saw my own face in the water. 

He called me and I took the plunge. Water entered my nostrils. I gasped. Head deep in the tub, I stood upside down with my stick of chicken waving in the air. I don't know what happened to me in the bath. I don't know how I got out alive. When I opened my eyes, I saw myself lying on a bed. My father was sitting next to me. My mother was sitting on my bed with tears in her eyes. She would ask me, "Nick, why did you do this?"

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Attitude is Altitude Creative Expression Diary Entry

1. You have studied about Nick, who is a disabled person, was teased and bullied at the mainstream school. As a result, he was deeply depressed and tried to commit suicide. Now imagine you were Nick and write your feelings in the form of Diary entry.

                        DIARY ENTRY OF NICK

31 January 2019


Dear diary,

I am the most unhappy person in this world. Having had the birth of a torso. I am faced with untold suffering. Oh my God, why did you play that cruel trick on me? What is the sin that I have committed? No one is sympathetic to me except my parents. 

Even my classmates and my classmates tease and harass me. Who will come to my aid in these circumstances? How can I face this unfriendly world? What to do now I failed my suicide attempt at night. Who will come to my rescue and who will put an end to my unwanted misfortunes? Oh my God! Is it you?


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