Thursday 29 June 2017

Summary of The Nightingale Poem Written By Charolotte Druit

A natural thing is far better than a machine made thing. A natural flower excels in beauty than an artificial flower. Key birds are inferior to natural birds. Here is a story about a Nightingale and an artificial bird.
Summary of The Nightingale Poem Written By Charolotte Druit Cole

Long ago there lived a Chinese Empreror. He lived in a place built of porcelain. The walls of his palace were painted with rare birds who could never sing. In a nearby forest there lived a Nightingale. It sang melodiously. The emperor heard its song. He was delighted. He ordered his courtiers to bring it to him. 

They brought the bird and kept it in a golden cage. The emperor daily heard its songs and shed tears of joy. The courtiers also were enchanted. Every evening the bird was released to go home. It appeared in the palace in the morning . after some days it was made Court Chorister.

One day the Emperor received a gift from a king. It was a key-bird. Its wings were made of gold. It had a crown of diamonds. Whenever the emperor or the courtiers wound it up, it sang day and night. Everyone liked it. So, naturally the Nightingale was neglected. Nobody took interest in its songs. It flew away.

One day the clockwork bird stopped singing. Something went wrong with its spring or mechanism. Nobody could mend it. It was kept aside. Years passed on. The Emperor fell ill. His doctors were helpless. All thought that he he would die. The Nightingale heard about the serious condition of the Emperor. It did not have any ill will for him. It flew to the royal palace and started singing. It sang throughout the night. By the morning the Emperor recovered. He sat up in bed and wished his courtiers “Good Morning”.


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