Thursday 6 July 2017


Once upon a time there was a village named Nimpur and it was ruled by Maha Veer Singh Pogat. He was very clever and brave. in Nimpur. The people were very peaceful and good mannered. One day they started disturbing by the sounds of bells came from the nearby forest. They felt, while the bells were ringing by a big monster. They went to the kings court and they requested for killing the monster.  Then the king announced. “Who will kill the monster, those winner will get hundred‘s of gold coins as a Gift”.  Even though, kings announcement, no one came before except ‘Jhansi’.  Jhansi was studying 8th standard and she went to the forest along with some wild date palm leaves and some sticks.  With that, she made a hut and she waited for the sounds of bells.   

After some time, she heard the sounds.  She went in the direction, where the sounds came from.  In the way, she found a dozens of Bananas and she picked into her hand and reached to the place.  Then she saw there are some monkeys were ringing the bells.  Then she thouht spontaneously and throws away the Bananas to the monkeys place.  It results, the monkeys stopped ranging the bells and ran away for taking the bananas.  Jhansi takes the bell and brings to the king.  The king was appreciated for her cleverness and he rewarded with the Gold Coins as he announced.  

Moral :  Education will improve the knowledge, cleverness as well as it develops courage to any person.

Pavan Kumar, T.D.


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