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Letter To The Municipal Commissioner

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered Write A Letter To The Municipal Commissioner. After Practicing Letter To The Municipal Commissioner, Please do share it with your friends. If you want to know the Personal Letter Pattern, You can also Read the Official Letter Pattern Here.
Write A Letter To The Municipal Commissioner
Write A Letter To The Municipal Commissioner

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Write A Letter To The Municipal Commissioner

Write a letter to the municipal commissioner complaining about non- removal of garbage from the dustbins in your area and improving the facilities.


From                                                                                                             22thOct, 2020

M. Mohana,

Door no 4-1/4,

DNR Road,

Sri Nagar Colony,




The commissioner,

Municipal corporation,



Sub: Request for improving the facilities for the   resident of Sri Nagar Colony reg.,

            I would like to bring the following few lines to your kind notice for necessary action.

        We are the residents of Sri Nagar Colony, Vijayawada. The sanitary conditions are very bad in our locality. There are no street lights in our area. The water supply is not adequate. The drainage system is a deplorable condition. The roads are in a bad condition with full of pits and they need urgent repair.

The scavengers do not come regularly and they do not maintain proper hygiene in our locality. The garbage in the dustbins is not cleared regularly.

            Hence I request you to be kind enough to see that these conditions and take the necessary action as early as possible.

          Thanking you sir,                                                                      Yours faithfully,


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