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The Journey Summary And Analysis

In this Post, you will be reading about The Journey Summary. The Journey  is an excellent piece of work written by Yeshe Dorjee Thongchi, a prominent Assamese writer and is translated into English by D.P. Nath. You can also read the English Lessons Summaries here.
The Journey Summary
The Journey Summary
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The Journey is an excellent piece of work written by Yeshe Dorjee Thongchi, a prominent Assamese writer and is translated into English by D.P. Nath. The author was a government official. He came to his village to get married. His parents had arranged his marriage, according to the customs of their tribal society. After spending six months at home, he was about to return to his workplace. But he didn't want to leave his new wed-wife behind. He also considered extending his leave. But his responsibilities pushed him to leave.
As theirs is hilly terrain with no motorable roads, the author always prefers to carry less luggage. Now his problem was that he needed someone to carry his luggage because his upbringing had made him avoid physical labour. As most of the villagers were busy in the fields, he couldn't even find one who could help him carry the trunk to the bus stop. Eventually, the writer's father told him he would see him in Dirang. He didn't want to allow his old father to carry his trunk. But his father decided to take the trunk to the bus stop. On the day of his departure, a large crowd gathered to wish him good luck and the author left for Dirang at 10:20 am. His father had already gone and he had to walk fast to catch up with his father. He was very tired when he found his father. He sat down on a rock to rest for a while. His father drank all the wine he had given him and resumed carrying the luggage on his back. The author followed his father. Neither of them spoke a word like they were strangers.

The author knew that his father had provided for his education. But he believed that it was thanks to him that his parents had won the admiration and respect of the villagers. He knew he was physically useless despite his youth and strength. He concluded that it was better to let his father carry the luggage and follow him in silence. After resting in two places for tiffin, they finally reached Dirang. They entered a tea shop and began to sip tea. His father asked him if he had a pair of old shoes. Then the author looked at his father's bare feet and noticed that they were full of cracks.
He noticed it for the first time. He offered his father money but he refused to take it. Instead, he wanted the author's old pair. So the author gave him the hunting boots he was wearing. His father was filled with satisfaction when he saw the author take his pair of leather shoes out of the trunk. His father wanted to tell him something but the bus started to move. Eventually, the author realized that their two ways were different - his way was luxurious while his father's was difficult.
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