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I will Do It Short Story Written By Sudha Murthy

Nagavara Ramarao Narayana Murthy is the originator of Infosys, a main IT organization on the planet. He is a symbol of effortlessness, uncompromising quality and reasonableness. He commits his administration and riches for the welfare of humankind. He turned into a pioneer of India's product industry and began the information Technology wave . 
Summary Of I will Do It  Short Story Written By Sudha Murthy

When Murthy was a kid, he was sharp. He was particularly intrigued by Physics and Maths. He could comprehend hypotheses of science effectively. His dad was a secondary School teacher and an energetic reader of English literature. His point was to learn at an IIT. He applied for the entrance test along with his friends.

He (Narayana Murthy) acted as the guide for the others. He would easily solve the problems with which his friends struggled. He generally longed for learning at IIT. He welled in the test and go with a high rank.
He was excited and went to his dad with joy. When he advised his dad that he needed to join IIT, His dad said 'no', enlightening him regarding their poor budgetary position. His dad exhorted him to remain in Mysore and study as much as he needed. He was pitiful to say this to his splendid child.

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I will Do It  Short Story Written By Sudha Murthy

The teenager (Narayana Murthy) was disappointed and his dreams had burnt to ashes. He was troubled however didn't get furious with anyone. He was a thoughtful person. The day on which his friends were leaving for Madras (Chennai), he went to the station to say farewell and good fortunes to them. In spite of the fact that every one of his companions were energized and talking about their new inns, new courses and so on., he remained there noiselessly. He wished every one of them remaining there even after he could no longer see the train. 

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He remained there still. He chose too change his life by hard work. He took after the theory of the Bhagvath Gita 'Your closest companion is yourself and your most exceedingly awful adversary is yourself'. He worked hard, and concentrated on a certain something, failing to bother about his own life or solaces. He imparted his riches to others. He earned all his riches legitimately and morally.


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