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Short Story Of I Will Do It Written By Sudha Murthy

About the author:
This is V. Manosha of 10th standard who was born to V. Perayya and was living in a town called Bhimavaram. Not only interested in writing stories but also shows her interest in exploring new things, reading books. This is one of the summaries of the inspirational story “I will do it” written by Sudha Murthy, The chairman of Infosys.


The Summary Of I Will Do It Written By Sudha Murthy

N.R.Narayana Murthy non other than Nagavara Ramarao Narayana Murthy, well known as the founder of Infosys can also be recognized as inspirable man who faced many disparities in his life to reach his current position. At his childhood, he was short, sharp and quick at giving answers with a spark in his eyes and he could even grasp theories as fast as the speed of light.

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I Will Do It Written By Sudha Murthy Summary

Besides being an intelligent person, he was from a poor family leading by one hand that was his father. His father was a high school teacher. At the same time, he was a high school teacher. At the same time, Murthy was one of the aspirants of IIT. He used to dream as a student of the Indian Institutes of Technology. The entrance exam was reporting by him without any special coaching, all these aspirants gathered together under the shadow of stone mandap close to Chamundi Hills. He was the guide for others. The day came to show his skills in entrance which was the foundation for his will. He did very well. Gradually, the deciding day came to results, expectedly he was selected with high rank.

I Will Do It Written By Sudha Murthy Short Notes

He was excited and reported his father. His father praised him but when he exclaimed to join in IIT, father had worried about his son`s will and said to be conscious about their family`s financial values. He bothered a lot but he never expressed his feelings to others.He was an introvert. Anyway he wanted to wish the others and went to give send off. All were talking to each other about their new courses, canteens etc., at the station. He wished them good luck. He somewhere felt jealous but realized that one can fulfill one`s dreams and can change one`s life with hard work. He followed Bhagavath Geetha. He faced many difficulties individually and finally ought to work hard and never bothered about his personal comforts.

I Will Do It Written By Sudha Murthy Lesson Short Story

He shared wealth and happiness with others. He showed other Indians how to earn money without illegal thoughts and earned ethically and legally. Not as a personal lover, he devoted his life in all aspects of generosity. Once, he was the one who overcame many difficulties without hesitation and today he is the one who became an ‘Icon of Simplicity’.


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