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Summary of once upon a time poem 

In this post, you will be reading about Once Upon a Time Poem Summary. Once Upon a Time Poem is an excellent piece of work written by Gabriel Okara, a prominent Nigerian writer.  You can also read the English Lessons Summaries here.

The poem ONCE UPON A TIME is written by Gabriel Okara, a Nigerian poet. It is written in the context of Nigeria's independence from Britain. The poet seems shocked by the change in lifestyle, values, morality, and the total change in the world view in the “new independent country”. He seems to mourn the disappearance of a way of life. Although the country is politically independent, it still seems to be influenced by British culture. The poet remembers the way people behaved and interacted with each other. How people did things with their hearts and souls.
Once Upon a Time Poem Summary By Gabriel Okara
Once Upon a Time Poem Summary

Summary of once upon a time poem 

The poem describes what happens when a traditional African culture and civilization meets Western culture. With his nostalgic vision, the poet recalls the golden times of the past. The purpose of the poem is to describe the behavior and personality of people at the moment. It also tries to bring back the personality of people who did things with emotion and heart.
The poem is a conversation between a father and his son. The son does things with emotions and the father wants to forget his false personality and relearn and recreate his personality following the values ​​of the past. He asks his son to express his true love and to care for others.

   Once upon a time by Gabriel Okara on the relationship and the artificial ways that prevail in today's world. According to the poet, the past is better than the present. Because there was love and sincerity and loyalty in the past. Now in the present everything has changed. The poet, therefore, wants to relive the past.

Analysis of a once upon a time poem 

Once upon a time, people laughed with their hearts and eyes. In other words, there was authenticity in what they said and did. But in the present time, there are only "laughing with teeth without understanding the speaker's real self." The eyes are described as a "cold block of ice". People have become money-conscious and they only develop relationships with the rich. Even shaking hands with others, they are very artificial and mechanical.

Guests are no longer welcome these days. A warm welcome is reserved for them only once. If they visit their friends or relatives thrice or more number days, the doors are shut on them.
In this materialistic and artificial world, the poet learned a lot of things, in particular, by wearing many faces like putting on many dresses, one must have a “home face”, an “office face”, a “face of the office”. cocktail face”, etc. All are fixed like the smile in the portrait. As is the way of the world, the poet/speaker also learned to laugh with his teeth; the art of saying "goodbye" when he means "good riddance", "happy to meet you" when he is not happy; and "nice to talk to you" when you are bored .. !!

The poet wants his son to be imbibed with exemplary values ​​from the past. Towards the end of the poem, the poet calls on his son to show him how to smile wholeheartedly. His desire to revisit the past is nothing more than a desire for innocence, fidelity, and sincerity.
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