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The Dear Departed Summary 

In this Post, you will be reading about The Dear Departed Summary. The Dear Departed is a drama by Stanley Haughton. It's a one-act satirical play. You can also read the English Lessons Summaries here.

The Dear Departed Summary
The Dear Departed Summary

The Dear Departed Summary by Stanley Houghton is a social drama. It's a one-act satirical play. It explores not only family relationships and lying, but also the hypocrisy and greed that often lurks underneath. The story exposes the sad fact that human beings often become dehumanized in the face of greed and minor material gain. It shows how love, compassion and respect are swallowed up by greed in society.

This satirical piece makes a lot of laughs. as well as a lot to think about. In this play, Stanley Houghton satirizes the degradation of moral values ​​in British middle-class society. It highlights the growing tendency in society to leave the older generation abandoned and neglected. History also supports the idea that the older generation has the right to live happily according to their own decisions.

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The story of the play begins when Mrs Slater tells her ten-year-old daughter, Victoria, to go upstairs and put on her black dress as a symbol of mourning. Her husband Henry Slater comes home after sending a telegram to her sister-in-law, Elizabeth, and her husband Jordan to come and talk about the affairs of Merry weather (father of Elizabeth and Mrs Slater) who is probably deceased. Henry wonders if they would come because Elizabeth said she would never set foot in Mrs. Slater's house again. But Ms Slater is hoping she will certainly come for her part of their father's property.

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Ms Slater wants to steal three things from her father, namely her father's new slippers, a valuable clock and a desk before Elizabeth and her husband come. Mrs. Slater asks her husband to wear his father's new slippers and brings a valuable clock. She and her husband replace their shabby dresser with the precious desk of her father (Abel Merry weather). After all arrangement and change, her sister Mrs. Jordan and her husband Ben Jordan enter the house to mourn Mr. Abel.

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The sisters kiss and the men shake hands. Ms Jordan says he's finally gone and asks her sister if she sent for the doctor. Then they talk about his premium payment. Mrs. Slater is making tea. They consider the ad | in the newspapers and think of a few appropriate verses. Then they say they will look at his stuff and make a list of it. Mrs. Slater tells Victoria to go upstairs and get the bunch of keys from her grandfather's dressing table. She is afraid to leave but leaves. Victoria comes back very scared and says that Grandpa is getting up. They are transfixed with astonishment.

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