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Summary of The Brave Potter

In this Post, you will be reading about The Brave Potter Summary. The Brave Potter is a popular Telugu folktale collected by Marguerite Siek. It's a humorous story. You can also read the English Lessons Summaries here.

"The Brave Potter" is a popular Telugu folktale collected by Marguerite Siek. It's a humorous story. A potter is the hero of this story. It was a dark evening and the sky was full of clouds. 

The Brave Potter Summary
The Brave Potter Summary

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The rain was about to start. It was starting to rain and an old tiger ran into the rain for shelter. The tiger crawled under the thatched roof of an old hut and lay down near the door. It was an old woman's cabin that had a leak. When the tiger began to fall asleep, he heard a woman's voice complaining that the leak in her hut was very terrible. She also complained aloud that she would rather meet a tiger than have the escape home.

When the tiger heard his words, he thought the "Leak" was a very dangerous and strong animal. He doubted they all weren't afraid of him. While these thoughts lingered in his mind, he fell asleep. By the afternoon of that day, a potter had drunk more wine and no longer felt tired. When the rain started, he suddenly remembered that he had left his donkey tied under a tree. He rushed to the spot but couldn't find it. He started looking for it. While searching, he often stumbled over fallen roots and branches. He felt angrier and wanted to give the donkey a good beating when he caught it. He reached the old woman's hut and mistook the tiger for his donkey.

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He couldn't notice the difference between a donkey and a tiger because he had been drinking. He kicked and beat the sleeping tiger. The tiger thought it must be the "Leak" coming out of the hut. The tiger shuddered with fear and wanted to do as the "Leak" said. The potter jumped on the frightened tiger's back, brought it home and tied it with the iron chain. The next morning, word spread throughout the village that the potter had caught a tiger and tied it to a tree in his yard. All praised his courage. But the potter couldn't understand how it all happened!

They didn't believe him when they said he only brought his donkey home. The villagers even praised him for his modesty. A few years later, a war breaks out. The enemy army was much stronger. The king wondered how he could save the country. He wanted a brave man to lead the army. One of his ministers spoke to the king about the brave potter. He called the potter, made him the general of the army, and ordered him to lead the army into battle the next day. But the potter was very worried because he never carried a sword and had never rode a horse. Therefore, he wanted to practice riding the horse. He woke up early the next morning and climbed onto the horse's back with great difficulty. Then he asked his wife to tie her feet to the stirrups. His wife tied his feet firmly to the stirrups and tied the two stirrups together. She also tied it to the saddle. Suddenly the horse jumped freely and galloped out of the stable. The potter firmly held the horse's neck and prayed to all the gods to save his life.

The horse galloped through the streets, the city gates and headed towards the enemy camp. Although he tried to pull the reins and control the horse, the horse did not stop. The potter grabbed a branch when they came across a sapling. When a sentry from the enemy camp saw him with a tree in one hand and the reins in the other, he thought the rider must have been the general who had captured a tiger with his bare hands. Immediately, he let out loud cries warning his men of the famous Tiger-General who was rushing towards them to attack.

The frightened soldiers fled. Even their king followed his soldiers, leaving a letter in the tent. The potter was surprised to find the camp empty. He brought the letter and gave it to his wife. He asked her to take the letter to their king and tell him that the enemy had fled. His wife gave the letter to the king and he read it. He congratulated the potter and rewarded him so well that he did not need to work again.

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