Friday 3 May 2019

Summary Of Gender Bias

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Sudha Murthy is a well known social worker and author. Her works describe incidents from real lives- her own and of common people. The style is simple and direct.
The Essay ‘Gender Bias’ from Sudha Murthy’s How I Taught My Grandmother to Read, narrates the writer’ first encounter with gender bias. As a brilliant student of M.Tech (Computers) at IISc. Bangalore. Sudha Murthy saw an advertisement for the post of engineers in Telco. The notice openly declared that women candidates need not apply.
Sudha Murthy was upset. She wanted to protest. She was bold and determined. She wrote to JRD Tata. She brought to his notice his great company’s open display of gender bias. 
She was surprised to be called for the interview. She was selected for the job and became the first woman to work on Telco’s shop floor. This incident changed Sudha’s life in many ways. Later when met for the first time, JRD said to Sudha that it was nice to see girls getting into engineering jobs. She felt happy


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