Friday 3 May 2019

Summary of Thanking Out Of Box- Lateral Thinking

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Thanking Out Of Box- Lateral Thinking Summary
Thanking Out Of Box- Lateral Thinking Summary 

The essay is about lateral thinking. Lateral thinking is in a new different way. Edward de 

Bono is regarded as the father of lateral thinking. Thinking gout of the box solves many difficult problems. It avoids any conflicts. It leads to success. It makes life pleasant.
The essay cites some examples of lateral thinking. A girl saves herself for a greedy moneylender with the help of lateral thinking. She succeeds in the game and taught a fitting lesson to the cunning moneylender. A millionaire getting his car guarded by a bank, a man saving his life from a tiger is the other examples.
Thinking can be of different types. Edward de Bono classifies it into six categories. Each type is equated with wearing a cloured hat. White cap refers to all the relevant information. Red hat reveals emotion. Black hat shows judgment. Yellow hat indicates advantages. Green hat gives us options. And Blue hat deals with thinking about thinking. The use of these has of these hats effectively leads one to success. 


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