Saturday 3 November 2018

Abraham Lincoln's Letter To His Son's Teacher Summary

Hi friends! You are here to get Letter To His Son's Teacher By Abraham Lincoln Summary. In Intermediate 1st year Prose 1st lesson summary. get to know the summary and understand the lesson Letter To His Son's Teacher By Abraham Lincoln.
Letter To His Son's Teacher By Abraham Lincoln Summary

Abraham Lincoln's Letter To His Son's Teacher” is full of ISM and values he believed in.  The letter has a Universal appeal. It shows Lincoln’s passion and zeal for learning. The purpose of education, as stated by Lincoln elsewhere, is to inculcate honour and character among the children. 

Lincoln believed that education is a potential tool for building up the all-round personality of the student transforming him into successful human being and excellent Global Citizen. The letter has a far reaching impact on the whole gamut of education. It answers a number of challenges, encountered by policy workers of education today.


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