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Summary Of The Dear Departed I

Stanley Houghton
Summary And Study Material Of The Dear Departed I By Stanley Houghton

It shows the hollow relationships between two daughters and their father. This piece reveals the breakdown of human relationships in the modern world. The two daughters and their husbands awaited the death of the old man (M. Ablel). They show no concern for the old man. They only want his goods, but do not like him.
Mr. Abel Merry, an old man had two daughters Amelia and Elizabeth. Amelia is married to Henry Slater and Elizabeth to Ben Jordan. Victoria is Slater's only daughter. Abel is a widower and, since the death of his wife, he has lived alternately with his daughters. At the moment Abel stays with the Slater's. One morning Mrs. Slater takes a little thing on a tray and enters the old man's room, finding the man in deep sleep, she feels that he is dead. 

The Dear Departed Short Story And Analysis

Without checking whether the old man really died, the Slaters send a telegram to the Jordan who reveals the long-awaited death. Ms. Slater asks her daughter Victoria to change dress before her aunt Elizabeth and her uncle Ben come. She tells him that they come to talk about the grandfather's affairs. Henry wonders if he will come just as Elizabeth said she would never step foot in her house. But Mrs. Slater says Elisabeth will come soon after her share of what her father has gone.

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Mrs. Slater asks her husband to wear the grandpa's new slippers so that they can be theirs. Then she told him that she still wanted to have the grandfather's office after her death. She says they could put their unfortunate chest of drawers upstairs where the office is. She asks her husband to help break down the office. Mrs. Slater ties the front door and carries an old dresser upstairs. Meanwhile, Victoria comes after changing her dress according to her mother's instructions. 

Henry is surprised when Victoria asks if they plan to pinch the grandfather's clock under his arm and put it on the mantelpiece. Then we knock on the door and the ushers from Victoria to Ben and Mrs. Jordan. Ms. Jordan says that eventually their father died. Mrs. Slater replied that he was seventy-two days two hours a week the previous Sunday. She also told him that his father was cheerful that morning and paid his premium. Then he was found dead on his bed. Then Mrs. Slater asks if they're going to look at him. Ms. Jordan prefers tea. Then they think about the ad in the newspapers. They want to look at the old man's items and make a list of them.

Ms. Jordan said that father promised his gold watch for Jimmy. Ms. Slater is surprised to hear that. Ben talks about the insurance money. He asks if they have received the bonus, pleaded by the old man. Victoria informs her that the grandfather did not pay her insurance that morning. To this, Ben calls the old man like "old beggar drunk." 

Mrs. Slater tells Victoria to go upstairs and look for the big tip on her grandfather's tablet. At first, Victoria does not want to enter the grandparents' room. She leaves reluctantly. Then the two brothers talked about the office. After some time, Victoria comes back very frightened and tells her mother that the grandfather gets up. They are paralyzed with astonishment because they all think he's dead. The door opens revealing the old man Abel Merry weather. They can not believe their eyes.

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