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Humorous stories for 10th class

Once upon a time there lived a young man Shekhchilli. He was very foolish he lived with his mother in a village. One day his mother became sick with high fever and she was worried about his idiot son and about putting him into some useful work so, she said to him. My dear son I am suffering from high fever .you must do some work Take the sickle and go to the jungle and cut the grass the way you saw me cutting. Then he went to the jungle and cut a bale of grass by noon It was a very proud moment for Shekhchilli.

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Humorous Story For High School Students

Short Funny Story For Children

He returned with the bale of grass on his head and tossed it making a loud noise for everyone to know that he was a man of work. His mother was with tears in her eyes with happiness. Suddenly, Shekhchilli realized that he had forgotten the sickle in the jungle. He went back and found it was lying under the hot blazing sun. When he touched it, the sickle had become heated it was as hot as his mother's fever stricken body. He has once jumped to the conclusion that the poor sickle was suffering from fever-like his mother he thought that the sickle would die if not treated immediately then he proceeded towards the doctor by holding it with a cloth.

Humorous stories for high school students

On the way, he met a person and asked where Shekhchilli was gong Shekhchilli replied that my sickle is suffering from fever and I am going to the doctor. The person understood that he was an idiot so, he advised him to give a few dips in the water of the well for this type of fever medicines won’t work. Shekchilli thanked him and done as he advised. The sickle cooled down now he thought that there is a cure for fever passed down to him by a city doctor.

Humorous Short Story For Children

 He ran into his house to see his sick mother.  Her condition was worsened and had lost consciousness Shekhchilli muttered, “Nothing to worry, Now I know the trick”. Sometime later, some people noticed the idiot Shekhchilli was busy doing something very unusual work.  They rushed towards the well and saw that he had brought his unconscious mother to the well and he had tied his mother and going to give her dips into the water to treat her fever and its treatment the pitted the dumbness of Shekhchilli. The people were too shocked to laugh even.


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