Tuesday, 6 June 2017

A Short Notes of God Made Them All Written By Mrs. Alexander 

This poem is written by Mrs. Alexander. God is the Creator. He has made all bright and beautiful things. He has created all great and small creatures. All wise and wonderful things are also His creations. He is the Lord. Little flowers have glittering colours. Little birds sing. They have small wings. All these are created nu God.                      
God Made Them All Written By Mrs. Alexander Summary
God Made Them All Written By Mrs. Alexander Summary

The top of the mountain is purple in colour. The river runs by the mountain. The sun set and the sun rise brighten up the sky. In winter the wind blows cold. The sun in summer is very pleasant. The garden looks beautiful with all types of lovely fruits. God is the creator of all these things.
We find tall trees in forests. The green meadows are meant for us to play. We collect water plants. These are the creations of God. He gave us eyes to see. We should use our eyes to see good things. He gave us lips. We should praise and pray God with our lips. God is great. He has created all these beautiful things for our sake. He loves us.

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