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The Summary Of The Case For The Defense Written by Graham Greene 

Mrs. Parker, old woman who lived in Northwood street, was found murdered. The murderer had battered her to death. The murder case was called the Peckham murder case. Its trial was considered to be very strange.
Mr. Adams was charged as the murderer. The murderer was almost found with the dead body. The murder took place at 2o’ clock in the mid night. The murderer had been seen by the four witnesses.
The murderer was heavy with bulging blood shot eyes. Mrs. Salmon, the first witness, saw the man coming out of Mrs. Parker’s house with a hammer in his hand.
The Case For The Defense Summary

Short story analysis of the case for the defence by Graham Greene

He dropped the hammer in a bush and hurried away. The second witness was Henry Mac Dougall, who was driving home late in that night. Mr. Adams was walking in the middle of the road dazed. The third witness, Mr. Wheeler, a neighbor, was wakened by a strange noise. When he looked out of the window, he saw the murderer leaving the house of Mrs. Parker. The fourth witness was yet another man who saw the murderer at Laurel Avenue.

The Case for the Defense Summary 

The crown counsel (the public prosecutor) had established the charge of murder on the Adams very easily. But the defence counsel produced the twin brother of Mr. Adams in the court who looked exactly who was the real murderer out of the two men.

Case For The Defence Graham Greene Summary Free Essay

The court acquitted Mr. Adams for want of witness. When the twin brothers were leaving through the big crowd, one of them got pushed on to the road right in front of a bus and was crushed to death. Some people thought it was a divine revenge on the culprit.

Some Important Questions 'The Case For the Defence'

1. “They named it the peckham murder”. Who are they? Why was it called the Peckham murder? Was it correct to call it the Peckham murder? Why?

Ans. They are the press reporters. It was called the Peckham murder in the headlines. It was not correct to call it the Peckham murder because it happened in Northwood Street.

2. His luck was badly out, In what way? Would anyone like to see a murderer being lucky? Why does the narrator say he might have committed the crime in the broad daylight?

Ans. Adams had his luck badly out, because he was seen by four people when he was seen by four people when he was running away from Mrs. Parker’s house after murdering her. He had been seen by four people near and in the surroundings of the scene of the crime. The narrator says, “he might have committed the crime in the broad daylight” to convey to us that he had not at all been placed in a safe position by choosing mid night time for the crime.

3. “She looked from one to the other and didn’t say a word”, What did the Defence Counsel ask her ? why was she unable to answer the question? She did answer the question. How did she do it?

Ans. The Defense Counsel asked her if she could swear that the man she saw, dropping the hammer in Mrs. Parker’s garden was the prisoner and not his twin brother standing at the back of the court. Since they were twins, and each a true copy of the other even dressed alike, she was unable to answer question. However she expressed her inability, shaking her head.

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