Wednesday 17 August 2016

Children's Story Raju’s New Cycle Written By B.Jyothsna Sripriya

About the Author
Name   : B.Jyothsna Sripriya
D/o                            : B.Arunasri
Date of Birth : 25.07.2002.
Occupation : Student - 10th class
School : SRIKAKATIYA Merit School, Bhimavaram
Hobbies                      : Singing, Listening music, Reading comics and Music.

A Short Kid’s Story Raju’s New Cycle:
In ancient times, there was a village called "Dholakpur". There lived some children who were very Intelligent, Brave and Courageous. They were five (5) in number. Their names were Bheem, Chutki, Raju, Jaggu and Kalia.

One day a boy named Mannu came to Raju with his new shiny cycle. Mannu promised Raju to give his new cycle for a ride. But he refused to do so and cheated Raju. So, Raju disappointed. He wanted a new cycle which was better than the Mannu's. In that mood he went near his friends Bheem, Chutki, Jaggu and Kalia. Then they all together made a model of a cycle and prepared that with some parts. But that was not successful. So, once again Raju disappointed. He didn’t sleep that night. All that he wanted a cycle. In those thoughts he entered a forest nearby and sat on a rock beside a river.
At the same time a Magic witch was trying to cross that river and looking for a servant to carry her heavy bag. She found Raju in a moody way. She thought to make him as her servant forever by making him giddy for some time and kidnapping. Magic witch after talking to him understood that he wanted a cycle. Then he promised him the present a cycle as a gift for carrying her bag. That cunning witch made her plan successful.

By luckily Kalia saw him going to forest single and intimated Bheem. By that time of Raju's kidnap Bheem along with Kalia came to the place. Bheem  taught  the witch a good lesson by kicking her. Then the witch made Raju  concious. Bheem asked that Magic witch to fulfill her promise of presenting Raju  new cycle and go away from this place. So witch presented a new pretty cycle to Raju as she said and went away from there. Raju became happy and joyous with that gift.

Next day, again Raju met his friends Jaggu, Bheem, Khalia and Chutki. All of them started in Dholakpur to reach Mannu's village called Chetakpur with Raju's new pretty cycle. At last they all reached Mannu's house. There, Mannu was playing with his friend. Raju started insulting Mannu in front of all his friends, then Mannu and his friends got angry and started fighting with  Bheem's batch. Bheem didnot tollerate that nuisance. He tried to stop them, but they didn’t. So, Bheem faught against the Mannu's team and succeded in defeating them. After this moment Mannu and his friends lost their foolish nature and became as good friends with Bheem's team. So, at the end all were happy including Raju and Mannu. Infact these two became best friends each other.


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