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The Summary of The Adventure With The Lion

The novel “Don Quixote” was written by Servantez. Don Quixote lived in a small village called La Mancha in Spain. He imagined himself to be a knight. He chose a man named Sancho Panza as his squire. He named his horse Rozinate. He wore a shield and a sword. He held a lance in his hand. He left his house in search of adventures. He looked like a simpleton in his attire, talk and actions. The present story is one of his crazy and funny adventures.
One day Don Quixote set out on his adventures. 
The Adventure With the Lion Short Story
The Adventure With the Lion Short Story

Short notes of  of The Adventure With The Lion

He came across a cart drawn by mules. There were two men in the cart. One was the driver and the other was his follower. Don Quixote stopped the driver and asked him what he was carrying in the cart. The man replied that he was carrying a caged – lion as a gift to the king of Spain from the leader of the army in Africa. He added that the lion was a big one and it was hungry. 

The Adventure With The Lion Short Notes

Don Quixote imagined that his enemy, the magician sent the lion against him. He asked the man to let the lion out of the cage so that he would teach it who Don Quixote was. The man was scared. He unfastened his mules and took them away. Sancho Panza also was afraid.
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He followed the cart-man and the mules. Don Quixote thought that his horse also would be frightened. He jumped from his horse and put down his lance. He stood before the door of the cage.

“Don Quixote” was written by Servantez

The door of the cage was opened. The lion got up,  stretched itself and rubbed its eyes. It put its head out of the cage and looked around. Don Quixote was firm and fearless. The lion took no notice of him. It showed its tail to Don Quixote. It calmly long down in the cage. 

Don Quixote asked the main to beat the lion with a stick to make it come out. The man, being afraid, refused to do so. He praised Don Quixote for his courage. He admitted that he was the winner. Don Quixote was happy to hear this. He asked the man to shut the door of the cage. This great adventure of Don Quixote made him more famous.


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