Thursday 25 August 2016

The Story of the Yaksha Prashna 

Once upon a time Pandavas were there. In those day Pandavas along with Dravpati lived in the forest. In that forest a Brahmin was there. He had sticks named Arani which wer useful to produce fire. It is stolen by a deer. The Brahmin comes near to the Pandavas and complained against a deer taken his sticks and escapes. So he has no other sticks to produce fire in Vedic rituals.

What was the complete dialogue between Yudhisthir (Darmaraja) and Yaksha

He asks them to bring back his sticks. The Pandavas searches for the deer. After going a while they find the deer. They try to catch it. But the deer disappears. They are very tired on finding the deer. They take rest under the tree. They get very thirsty. Dharma Raja sends Nakula for water.  While going, Nakula finds a lake. He feels very happy on seeing the lake and also thought that he wants to quench his thirst first.

He is ready to drink water. At that time he hears a voice “O Nakula” don’t drink water. First you have to answer my questions. After you can drink water. He doesn’t listen the words and drinks water they he falls down and dies. Darmaraja is waiting for Nakula but he doesn’t come. So he sends Sahadeva, Bheema and Arjuna. They also don’t listen the warning and drink water like Nakula and fall down at the bank of the lake.
yaksha questions to yudhisthira (Darmaraja) in english

This time Dharamaraja goes to that place. He sees his four brothers lying on the ground. Darmaraja also listens the same voice. Yaksha says your brothers didn’t listen my words. That’s why they died. If you want to drink water, you have to answer my questions first drink water. Then Darmaraja Replayed that he is ready face the questions.

Yyaksha questions to Yudhisthira (Darmaraja) in english

Yaksha Question:   Which is essential for the person who is going to foreign?
Darmaraja:              Education.
Yakha:                     Who is the friend one who is dying?
Darmaraja:              Charity. Because it follows after the death.
Yaksha:                   Who is higher than the heaven?
Darmaraja:              Father is higher than heaven.
Yaksha:                   Who is heavier than the earth?
Darmaraja:              One’s mother is heavier than the earth.
Yaksha:                   Which is essential for man?
Darnaraha:              Courage is essential for man.

In this way Yaksha asks so many questions. Darmaraja answers all the questions correctly. Lastly Yaksha says I can make only one of your brothers can alive. Choose anyone of your brothers. Dharmaraja thinks for a a moment and asks his younger brother Nakula. Yaksha asks why he has choosen Nakula even other brothers are more powerful and stronger than Nakula. Why he did not choose Arjuna or Bheema. Dharmaraja replied I am one of the Madri’s sons alive. Yaksha satisfies and make all the brothers alive.


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