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The Tattered Blanket Model Test

Hi friends and my dear Students! In this post, I am sharing The Tattered Blanket SlipTest with you. After writing the test, please share this The Tattered Blanket Model Test with your friends. 
The Tattered Blanket SlipTest
The Tattered Blanket SlipTest

The Tattered Blanket SlipTest

When he arrived unexpectedly at his home in the countryside in his office car and got down at the gate, his mother, who was lying in an armchair on the veranda, made a futile attempt to get up.

‘Kamala, there is somebody at the gate,’ she said, ‘somebody is in a car.’ Kamala, her eldest daughter, a widow, who was sitting huddled up on the thinna on the veranda, her head and ears covered with a thin bath towel, got up reluctantly, walked slowly to the gate and screwing up her eyes peered into the darkness. She saw a bald, fat, middle-aged man walking in through the gate. ‘Oh, Gopi!’ She said in her grating voice. ‘Why this sudden unexpected visit?’

Now answer the following.                                              10 X 1 = 10 Marks

1. Who was lying in the armchair?

Ans: ____________________________________.

2. Where did she sit?

Ans: ____________________________________.

3. Who was sitting on a thinna ?

Ans: ____________________________________.

4. What was she covered with ?

Ans: ____________________________________.

5. Who came in the car ? How was she ?

Ans: ____________________________________.

6. Who arrived unexpectedly?

Ans: ____________________________________.

7. Who was Kamala?

Ans: ____________________________________.

8. How was Gopi?

Ans: ____________________________________.

9. What is meant by grating voice?

Ans: ____________________________________.

10. Who is in a car?

Ans: ____________________________________.

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II. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate words given below. Remember, below some extra words are there.                                           1 X 5 = 5 Marks


irritation        huddled        awkwardly                futile

vacation        reluctantly    exasperatedly         mumbling


1. All my attempts to make him happy proved ___________.

2. It was very cold. So, I ___________ in a corner.

3. Forced by her parents, Sita _______________ took the diploma course.

4. What are you ____________________? I can’t hear you.

5. The news that he was denied promotion caused _______________ to him.


III. Find the words that are similar in meaning to the underlined words.

5 X 1 = 5 Marks

1. His mother made a futile attempt to get up.                           

a. barren                    b. limited                    c. useless                  d. empty


2. It’s all tattered now.

a. spoiled                   b. old                          c. dirty                        d. torn


3. There is a cold mist in the mornings.

a. ice                          b. snow                      c. fog                          d. win


4. It’s just like a ball of knotted yarn.

a. very small              b. rounded tightly     c. joined                     d. tied.

5. I can’t make both ends meet with my salary.

a. earn a lot of money                     b. spend a lot of money

c. earn just enough money            d. give all that one has

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II. You know the lesson "The Tattered Blanket". Now imagine that you were kamala and express your personal feelings in the form of a diary entry.       

1 X 5 = 5 Marks



III. Do you love your mother if so why do you love your mother and what are the qualities you love in your mother. Write in a short Paragraph.

1 X 5 = 5 Marks

Ans: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.


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