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Complete the following passage using appropriate words

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered Complete the following passage using appropriate words for 25 - Marks. After practicing Complete the following passage using appropriate words, Please do share it with your friends.
Complete the following passage using appropriate words 25 - Marks
Complete the following passage using appropriate words 25 - Marks

Complete the following passage using appropriate words 25 - Marks

1. Nick Vujicic_______born with no arms or legs but he_______let the details_______him.

Nick_______a small foot______his left hip which helps him balance and enables him

to kick.

1. a) is b) are c) was d) were

2. a) don’t                 b) doesn’t c) didn’t         d) Isn’t

3. a) stopping                 b) stops         c) stop         d) stopped

4. a) has                         b)have c) had d) having

5. a) to                         b) on c) in d) under

2. His parents______not to send him to a special school________decision he said was

very hard for him, but which may_________the best decision they_______have

made______ him.

1. a) decides         b) deciding c) decide d) decided

2. a) a                 b) the c) an d) and

3. a) has been b) have been c) had d) will have been

4. a) can                 b) could         c) would         d) should

5. a) for                 b) to c) on d) by

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3. His disability________without any medical explanation________rare occurrence called phocomelia and Nick and his parents________many years________why this cruel trick

would happen_______them.

1. a) come b) coming c) comes d) came

2. a) an         b) the c) a         d) that

3. a) spending b) spend         c) spent         d) spends

4. a) asks b) asked         c) asking         d) ask

5. a) with b) to c) for d) on

4. I was deeply depressed_________I________eight years old; he said. I________to my

mum________and told her I wanted to kill_________.

1. a) when b) since c) and d) though

2. a) am             b) are c) were         d) was

3. a) have gone   b) had gone c) has gone d) went

4. a) cry             b) cries c) crying      d) cried

5. a) himself     b) my self c) her self d) it self

5. If I fail, I try again, and again and again_______you fail,______you going to try again?

5.The human spirit______handle much______we realize. It matters how you are


1. a) since b) If c) Inspite of d) Despite

2. a) Is b) Was c) Are d) Were

3. a) can b) could         c) should d) will

4. a) bad b) worst         c) worse         d) better

5. a) to b) too c) towards d) none

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