Thursday 6 April 2023

Active And Passive Voice Question and Answers

In this post, I have given Active and Passive Voice Worksheets with Answers. Please share it with your friends.

Active And Passive Voice worksheet with Answers

Active And Passive Voice worksheet

Active: Sarah ate the sandwich.

Passive: The sandwich was eaten by Sarah.

Active: The dog chased the cat.

Passive: The cat was chased by the dog.

Active: The teacher graded the test.

Passive: The test was graded by the teacher.

Active: I will finish the project by tomorrow.

Passive: The project will be finished by me tomorrow.

Active: They cancelled the concert due to the rain.

Passive: The concert was cancelled due to the rain.

Active: She is washing the dishes.

Passive: The dishes are being washed by her.

Active: He built a treehouse for his children.

Passive: A treehouse was built for his children by him.

Active: Someone stole my bike last night.

Passive: My bike was stolen last night.

Active: The company will launch a new product next month.

Passive: A new product will be launched by the company next month.

Active: The storm destroyed the village.

Passive: The village was destroyed by the storm.

Active: The chef cooked the meal.

Passive: The meal was cooked by the chef.

Active: The company hired a new employee.

Passive: A new employee was hired by the company.

Active: The doctor prescribed medicine for the patient.

Passive: Medicine was prescribed for the patient by the doctor.

Active: The police caught the thief.

Passive: The thief was caught by the police.

Active: The team won the championship.

Passive: The championship was won by the team.

Active: She wrote the letter.

Passive: The letter was written by her.

Active: The company gave the employees a bonus.

Passive: A bonus was given to the employees by the company.

Active: The teacher taught the lesson.

Passive: The lesson was taught by the teacher.

Active: The artist painted the picture.

Passive: The picture was painted by the artist.

Active: The store sells fresh produce.

Passive: Fresh produce is sold by the store.


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