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Learn English Pronouns Detailed Guide

i)Compare these sentences:
Sarvesh stood first. Sarvesh stood first.
Sarvesh is happy. He is happy.
Neelam is here.        Neelam is here.
Neelam is busy. She is busy.
This is a pen. This a pen.
The pen is red. It is red.

Pronouns English Grammar Guide

Learn Pronouns In English

Judy and Wendy are sisters. Judy and Wendy are sisters.
All like Anuradha. All like her.
Salim is playing cards. Salim is playing cards.
Tell Salim to work. Tell him to work.
Where are the boys? Where are the boys?
Call the boys here. Call them here.
The words he, she, it, they, her, him, and them in the above sentences are Pronoun.

LEARN Pronouns In English

Pronouns are words that are used in place of nouns. **Pronouns stand for Nouns.
ii) Read the following sentences
1.  I love my parents.
     They love me.
     We respect our parents.
     They love us.

Here ‘I, my, me, we, our, us’ are used for the persons speaking. These are called Pronouns of the First Person.
2.  You help your sister.
     She helps you.

Here ‘you, your’ are used for persons spoken to. These are called ‘Pronouns’ of the Second Person.
3. This is Mary.
     She is a teacher.
     This is her bag.
4.   This is John.
      He is a doctor.
      That is his car.
      Give him his bag.

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5.   Mohan and Sohan are brothers.
      They love their friends.
      All love them.

Here ‘he, his, him, she, she, they, their, them’ are called Pronouns of the Third Person.

Now make 15 sentences using Pronouns ‘I, my, me, we, our, us, you, your, he, his, him, she, her, it, they, their, them.’

English Grammar Pronouns

Pick out Pronouns in the following sentences and say which Nouns they stand for:
1. Here is Kapil. He is a cricketer.
2. This is Anuradha. She has a sweet voice.
3. Give me a pen, please. I need it.
4. They are our friends, they gave us sweets.
5. She comes to Hamid and Rashid. They are friends.
6. The dog saw the man. It barked at him.
7. The woman was wearing a ring. She lost it in the fair.
8. Listen to the teacher. He is teaching.
9. Listen to the singer. She is singing.
10. Mangoes are ripe. Buy these.
11. Birds build nests. They lay eggs in those.
12. Monoj is here. His motherl loves him dearly.
13. You help your friends. They help you.
14. Where are the girls? Call them here.
15. The girl was singing. She was happy. Her friends liked her songs.

Pronouns In English Grammar

Pick out Pronouns of the first person in the following sentences:
1. I do not worked daily.
2. I have no motor-bike.
3. I have a book in my hand.
4. My father and mother love me.
5. Please give me a pen.
6. Radha is my sister.
7. We love our parents.
8. Our friends do not speak loudly.
9. God loves us.
10. I am a boy. My name is Chetan.
11. Our teachers are kind to us.
12. My brother is innocent.
13. Scotch is my dog.
14. The cow gives us milk.
15. We love our motherland. 
Pick out “Pronouns” of the second person in the following sentences:
1. You love your books.
2. Rajesh met you in the park.
3. You are glad about your success.
4. You always come late.
5. The dog will bite you.
6. You were not at home yesterday.
7. These are your books.
8. I will not go with you.
9. The teacher didn’t see you.
10. You beat your brother.
11. Your brother weeps bitterly.
12. You laugh loudly.
13. You walk slowly.
14. Your knife is blunt.
Fill in the blanks with Pronouns:
1. ----------------------- am a boy.
2. ----------------------- name is Raju.
3. ----------------------- is a girl.
4. ----------------------- name is Rehana.
5. ----------------------- are my sisters.
6. This ----------------------- my pen.


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