Wednesday 3 August 2016

Where The Mind Is Without Fear? Poem Written By Kasturi Usha

Ravindraji ! Where we can find the mind without fear? 
Science and technology is developing with the GEAR. 
The future  is in dark with great FEAR?
There is no mind to consider the TEAR.  
In the selfish society how can we held our head HIGH.?
Man moving with a great speed to the SPACE.
But not keeping any emotion with in his PLACE.
The total minds are with fear without PEACE. 

When the world is broken up in to fragments by the NARROW Domestic Walls;
Where the knowledge is Free?.
The knowledge is so free for creating DISTRUCTION.
 No Humanity for social CONSTRUCTION. 
Many are within Narrow Domestic minds for INSTRUCTION.

The people in the narrow domestic walls are not allowing the words to come out from the depth of the truth. The clear stream of reason is lost its way like a dead habit in the deserts. Where the mind is free ! Generations changed . But the situation not remained same. Gurudev  Ravindra ji when you wrote the poem the situation  is same. Even  today.  Where the mind is free?? Where the mind is free?

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