Sunday 26 February 2017

Summary Of On Killing A Tree 

This poem expresses the sympathies of the poet to the injustice done to trees by human beings.
On Killing A Tree By Gieve Patel Study Material
On Killing A Tree By Gieve Patel Summary
Many people think that it is easy t destroy a tree. But the poet says it takes much time. A simple sudden rough blow with a knife is not enough. The tree has slowly risen out of the earth using up the water below and has grown on its surface absorbing years of sunlight and water. Leaves came out from the sides on the bark of a tree.

On Killing A Tree By Gieve Patel Study Materiel

Only by cutting a tree, one can not destroy it. Green twigs will again rise from the remaining plart of the tree, close to the ground. They develop into small boughs when they are not observed. They will grow to its former size.
The tree should be tied with a rope and pulled out of earth. The roots should be exposed, burnt and choked. Then it will become brow and hardened, twisted and dried. Then the tree dies completely.


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