Sunday, 26 February 2017

Summary Of The Gallows Edward By Thomas 

This poem was written by Edward Thomas, a British poet.
The poet, ‘in the poem The Gallows’ expresses hi sympathies with birds and animals for the injustice done to them by human beings.
The Gallows Edward By Thomas Study Short Notes
The Gallows Edward By Thomas Study Material and Summary 

The Gallows Edward By Thomas Short Notes

This world is God’s private land and Man is the keeper. He has to protect the birds and animals God has made some small animals food for some bigger animals. Declaring such big animals as criminals, man kills them indiscriminately.
In the present poem, the keeper killed a weasel on the pretext of saving smaller animals. He shot him dead and hung him on the dead Oak tree. He killed a crow, telling a stealer and murderer because it would kill small worms. He killed a magpie also as it used to talk much and was beautiful.
He boasts these animals and birds swig on the bough without pleasure and pain and can do no more sins.


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