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Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I am sharing Attitude is Altitude Slip Test - 1. I have given this Attitude is Altitude Slip Test for 20 Marks. After writing this test, please share it with your friends.

Attitude is Altitude Slip Test - 1
Attitude is Altitude Slip Test - 1

Attitude is Altitude Slip Test - 1 ( Personality Development)

Questions (1 - 5) : Read the following passage carefully.

Nick’s father was a computer programmer and accountant and he taught his little son how to type with his toe at just 6 years old. His mum invented a special plastic device that meant he could hold a pen and pencil.

Despite the risk of being bullied, his parents insisted on his attending mainstream school. ‘It was the best decision they could have made for me,’ adds Nick, who later achieved a degree in Financial Planning and Real Estate. ‘It was very hard but it gave me independence.’

Nick, who was teased and bullied, had an electric wheelchair for mobility, and a team of carers to help him.

‘I was deeply depressed when I was eight years old,’ he said. ‘I went to my mum crying and told her I wanted to kill myself.’

‘I felt cold and bitter. I hated God for doing this to me and was terrified of what would happen when my parents weren’t there to look after me.’

‘I could brush my own teeth with a wall-mounted brush and wash my own hair with pump-action soap, but there was so much that was impossible for me.’  (ATTITUDE is ALTITUDE)

Now, answer the following questions:                                                     5×1=5M

1. What was the purpose of the device that was invented by Nick’s mother?

2. On which did Nick’s parents insist on?

3. Nick learned to type with his toe, with his …………..

(A) father’s help and mother’s invention.

(B) father’s help and training.

(C) father’s computer and mother’s training.

4. For mobility, Nick had to depend on …………

(A) a wheelchair and a team.

(B) an electric wheelchair and a team of carers.

(C) a team of carers.

5. The thing that was used by Nick was ……………..

(A) motorbike

(B) wall mounted toothbrush

(C) a pet dog

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6. Fill in the blanks with suitable forms of verbs given in the bracket. 2×1 = 2 M

(a) Human beings who are exposed to noise pollution .............. (develop) high BP, stress.

(b) Our music (come) to enjoy worldwide popularity.

7. Combine the following sentences using ‘which’.                 1 M

There is a snake on the roadside. It looks very dangerous.

Ans. ..........................................................

8. Change the following sentence into passive voice.                1 M 

    I totally love the English Premier League. 


9. Combine the following sentences using  ‘though’.             1 M 

  He took the earliest bus possible. Still he couldn’t reach there on time.                                     Ans:.............................................................

10. Choose the correct answer.                                                     2×1 = 2 M

    1. Keep quiet, will you?

[A] making a request [ ] [B] giving an order         [ ]

[C] making a suggestion [ ] [D] asking a question [ ]

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Questions (11 - 15) : Read the following Bar Diagram carefully.

Now, answer the following questions.                                                 5×1=5M

11. What does the graph say about?

12. How does the household internet usage increase over the period?

13. The maximum number of internet users were in                         (

(A) 1998             (B) 2000             (C) 2003

14. The increase in the number of internet users have become         ( )

(A)Increased     (B) Decreased     (C) three times

15. Choose the true statement from the following.                                 ( )

(A) The number of internet users is equal to that of the computer users.

(B) The usage of computers and internet has almost doubled.

(C) Most of the people have started using internet.


1.   16.  Arrange the following words under correct heading.                8 × ¼ = 2 M

walking,     hardly,     suddenly,     carry,     protested,     thoughtfully,     appear,     fast
















1.      17.   Complete the words with correct suffixes given in brackets.        2 × 1/2 = 1 M

(a)     A special plastic device me                    (ant / ent) he could hold a pen and pencil.

(b)     My parents were tru                       (ely / ly) proud of me.


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