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Easy Tips to Memorize English Irregular Verbs List

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, you are going to learn 9 Top Tricks For Remembering English Irregular Verbs. After learning, please share these Easy Tips to Memorize English Irregular Verbs List with your friends.
English Irregular Verbs

Rule - 1

Verbs with alternates

Base Form                                           Past                                       Past Participle

bet                                                         bet/betted                              bet/betted

bid                                                        bid/bade                                 bid/bidden/bade

burst                                                     burst / bursted                        burst / bursted

bust                                                       bust/busted                             bust/busted

let                                                           let                                          let          

quit                                                        quit/quitted                            quit/quitted

rid                                                          rid/ridded                                rid/ridded

wed                                                       wed/wedded                           wed/wedded                   

wet                                                        wet/wetted                              wet/wetted

Note - 1 bade and bidden are old forms

Note - 2 Many grammarians consider “bust” illiterate. Therefore, avoid it in formal writing.

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Verbs With Just One Past Form

Rule - 2

1. Final consonant changes to “t”.

Base Form                                           past                                       Past participle

bend                                                      bent                                      bent

build                                                      built                                      built

dwell                                                     dwelt/ dwelled                      dwelt/ dwelled

lend                                                       lent                                        lent

rend                                                       rent                                       rent

send                                                      sent                                       sent

spend                                                    spent                                    spent

Rule - 3

Changes to “ght”. (Notice which two are spelled with “au”.)

Base Form                                           past                                       Past participle

bring                                                      brought                                brought

buy                                                         bought                                 bought

catch                                                     caught                                  caught

fight                                                       ought                                    ought

seek                                                       sought                                  sought

teach                                                     taught                                   taught

think                                                      thought                                thought

Vowel “I” (long i) changes to “ou”.

Base Form                                           past                                       Past participle

bind                                                       bound                                   bound

find                                                        found                                    found

grind                                                      ground                                 ground

wind                                                      wound / winded                   wound / winded   

Rule - 4          

Vowel “ee” changes to “e”.

Base Form                                           past                                       Past participle

bleed                                                     bled                                       bled

breed                                                    bred                                      bred

creep                                                     crept                                     crept

feed                                                       fed                                         fed                        

feel                                                        felt                                         felt

flee                                                        fled                                        fled

keep                                                      kept                                       kept

kneel                                                     knelt                                      knelt

meet                                                     met                                        met

sleep                                                     slept                                      slept

sweep                                                   swept                                     swept

weep                                                     wept                                       wept

Rule - 5

Vowel “ea” stays “ea” with different pronunciation.

Base Form                                           past                                       Past Participle

deal                                                       dealt                                      dealt

dream                                                   dreamt/dreamed                    dreamt/dreamed

mean                                                     meant                                   meant

read                                                       read                                       read

Rule - 6

Vowel “ea” changes to “e”.

Base Form                                           past                                       Past Participle

lead                                                       led                                          led

leave                                                     left                                         left

plead                                                     pleaded / pIed                       pleaded / pIed

Note: “Pled” should be avoided in formal writing.

Rule - 7

Vowel i changes to u. (Don't confuse these with verbs with two past forms going from i to a to u.)

Base Form                                           past                                       Past Participle

cling                                                       clung                                     clung    

dig                                                          dug                                        dug

fling                                                       flung                                      flung

sling                                                       slung                                     slung

slink                                                       slinked                                  slinked

spin                                                        spun                                      spun

stick                                                       stuck                                     stuck

sting                                                      stung                                     stung

string                                                     strung                                   strung

swing                                                    swung                                   swung

wring                                                     wrung                                   wrung

Rule - 8

Vowel changes from “I” to “a“ in Past, to “u” in past participle.

Base Form                                           past                                       past participle

begin                                                     began                                   begun

drink                                                      drank                                    drunk

ring                                                        rang                                       rung

shrink                                                    shrank                                 shrunk

sing                                                        sang                                       sung

sink                                                        sank                                       sunk

spring                                                    sprang                                  sprung

stink                                                      stank                                     stunk

Rule - 9

Changes only in past.

Base Form                                           past                                       past participle

come                                                     came                                     come

run                                                         ran                                         run

Rule - 10

Verbs without alternates

Simple                  past                       past participle

cast                        cast                        cast

cost                        cost                        cost

cut                          cut                          cut

hit                           hit                           hit

hurt                        hurt                          hurt

put                         put                           put

set                          set                           set

shed                      shed                         shed

slit                          slit                           slit

split                        split                          split

spread                   spread                     spread

thrust                      thrust                       thrust



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