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Puru, The Brave Assignment Class - 7

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered Puru, The Brave 7th Class Worksheet. After writing this Puru, The Brave Assignment Class - 7, please do share it with your friends. 
Puru, The Brave 7th Class Worksheet
Puru, The Brave 7th Class Worksheet 20 Marks

I. Write the meanings of the following             3 ´ 1=3M

1. go down –

2. warfare –

3. Your majesty –

II. Write the antonyms of the following.          4 ´1 = 4M

1. victory ´

2. timed ´

3. humble ´

4. accept ´

III. Add appropriate prefixes to the following roots to make new words. 3´1=3M



Root Word

New Word













IV. Add appropriate suffixes to the following roots to make new words. 3



Root Word

New Word













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V. Choose the correct answers 4´1 =4M

1) Alexander asked his soldiers to remove the chains of Puru because [        ]

a) he was sympathetic to Puru

b) he did not like a brave man like Puru in chains

c) Puru requested Alexander to remove his chains

2) Puru did not accepts Alexander’s proposal to be a vassal because [           ]

a) he was very proud

b) he was very brave and patriotic

c) he was not very wise

3) Alexander made friends with Puru because [       ]

a) Puru accepted that Alexander was really great

b) Alexander wanted to make use of Puru’s services.

c) Alexander likes Puru’s bravery and self-respect

4) Alexander was really great because [         ]

a) he defeated Puru

b) he made friends with a brave king like Puru

c) he defecated Puru, set him free, respected him and made friends with him

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VI. Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with suitable forms. (after adding a prefix/ suffix) of the words in brackets. 3´1=3M

1) He was acting in a very __________ way. (child)

2) This word is very difficult to spell and even worse, its ______ (Pronounce)

3) You shouldn’t have done that ! it was very _______ of you (think).



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