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The Journey Comprehension Test

Hi friends and my dear student! In this post, I have covered The Journey Comprehension Test For 25 Marks. After Writing The Journey Comprehension Test, Please do share it with your friends. You can also Get Other Lessons Comprehension Tests and Assignments Here.
The Journey Comprehension Test

I. After spending a leisurely Sunday at home, the very thought of returning to work on Monday is tiring. Lethargy creeps in if the holiday continues over an extended period. That is how I felt when I was preparing to return to my place of work after spending six months at home.
1. How did the speaker feel when he was preparing to return to his place of work?
2. What was the speaker?
3. How many months did he spend at home?
4. Why did he spend six months at home?

II. "However I finally did decide to go."
5. Who is 'I' in this passage?
6. Where did the speaker decide to go?
7. What did the speaker initially decide?
8. Where is the narrator now?
III. “Initially I thought of extending my leave - even taking unpaid leave. But after some dilly-dallying, I finally decided against it because marriage had increased my responsibilities and I had got into debt.”
9. Who is 'I' in this passage?
10.What was the narrator dilly-dallying?
11.'I finally decided against it' -- What does 'it' refer to here?
12.Why do you think the speaker got into debt?
13.What could happen if the narrator decided not to go?

IV. 'In fact, carrying the trunk should not have been such a worry for me except that my education had made me shun physical labour. After all, I was a government officer and the idea of people seeing me carry my own luggage was not at all amusing.'
14.Who is the speaker of these words?
15.What had made him shun physical labour?
16.Why was the author reluctant to carry his own luggage?

V. Finally my father came up with a solution. "Don't worry. I myself will see you off at Dirang."
17.'Finally my father……' - Whose father is mentioned here?
18.What was the problem?
19.What was the solution given by his father?

VI. I protested. How could I allow my old father to carry my trunk? What would people think? What would they say? But I failed to dissuade him. It was decided that Father would carry the chest.
20.Who does 'I' refer to in the passage?
21.What was decided in the end?
22.Did the author allow his father to carry his trunk?

VII. ‘You are late. Would you like to rest for some time?’
23.Who is the speaker?
24.Who is 'you' in these lines?
25.Why was he late?

The Journey Comprehension Test Answers

1) The author was unwilling to go to his place of work as he felt lethargy.
2) He was a government officer.
3) He spent six months at home.
4) He spent six months at home for his marriage.
5) The author.
6) He decided to go to his working place.
7) Initially he did not want to go to his working place. He wanted to extend his leave.
8) He is at his native village.
9) The author
10)The narrator was dilly-dallying whether he would extend his leave or to go to his working place.
11)'It' refers to extending his leave or even taking unpaid leave.
12)He got into debt because he took a long leave and got married.
13)If the narrator decided not to go to his workplace, he would not clear his debts and face with a mounting burden of debt.
14)The narrator
15)His education
16)Because he felt that the idea of people seeing him carry his own luggage was not at all amusing as he was a government officer.
17)The author's father.
18)The problem was that they couldn't find anybody to carry the trunk to the bus stop.
19)His father said that he himself would carry the trunk to the bus stop.
20)The author or The Government Officer,
21.It was decided that father would carry the chest.
23.The narrator's father
24.The narrator Government Officer.
25.He was late because he had to take leave from the large crowd gathered at their place.


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