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Story Hints

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered Creative Expressions Story Hints. After reading Story Hints, Please do share with your friends.
Creative Expressions Story Hints
Creative Expressions Story Hints

Creative Expressions Story Hints 

Write a narrative using the hints given below.

Hints: A small grey mouse – old and wise – lives in a large grey house – a black cat in the same house – mouse goes to the kitchen – meets cat – cat happy – mouse agrees to go with a cat for dinner – wants to put on red Sunday coat before going – cat agrees to wait – mouse runs into a hole – never comes back.

Story: The Wise Mouse

Long ago, in a big gray house, there lived a little gray mouse. It was old but wise. in the same house with the mouse lived a black cat. The cat tried to catch the mouse several times but failed to do so.

One day the mouse entered the kitchen. Unfortunately, he met the cat. The cat felt happy. He thought of a good plan to catch the mouse and make his dream come true. He invited the mouse for dinner outside the house. The mouse accepted the cat's invitation.

The mouse thought before going to dinner. He predicted the danger of a cat. He asked the cat to wait until he put on the red Sunday coat. He slipped into a hole. The foolish cat was waiting outside the hole. The mouse did not get up.

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Write a story by developing the hints given.

Two travelers—a chameleon—one said—blue—other—green—heated arguments—blows—the third person—referred—black—but presently turned white—surprised and foolish—chameleon—all are correct—different circumstances

Story: The Chameleon

Once, two travelers, during their trip, had a heated argument over the color chameleon. One of them said he was blue and was watching it with his own eyes refreshing shade of a tree. The other replied that he was green, saying he had seen him enjoy the bright sun. Words, they almost came to blows, when a third person fortunately passed, they agreed to defer the matter to his decision. 

“Gentleman,” said the third person, “you two are deceived because the creature is totally black; and I only examined it last night by candlelight. "Black impossible!" they shouted when to resolve the doubt the third person took it out of his pocket. And There you go! It was as white as snow. 

The three looked just as surprised and stupid. Seeing this, the chameleon advised them thus: "My dear children, you are well, only each of you has observed me in different circumstances. Then when you speak of what you see, remember that others can see as well as you."

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