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Fill In the blanks with suitable Prepositions 

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered Prepositions Slip Test. After practicing Fill In the blanks with suitable Prepositions, Please do share with your friends.

Prepositions Slip Test
Prepositions Slip Test 

Prepositions Slip Test

Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions given in brackets. 20 X 1 = 20 Marks

1. My friend is not afraid ______________________ snakes (about /of)

2. This building belongs _________________ (with/to) him.

3. Junaid and Dilnawaz agreed _______________my proposal (to /too)

4. Meghana is dedicated _________________her job (of/to)

5. All the students are prevented _____________ bringing bicycles into the campus.(from /after)

6. One should not feel jealous _________________others (of/ with)

7. Sunitha was angry _____________his rude behavior (with /at)

8.I finished my project work several days _______ the dead line. (a head of / in spite of )

9. Nick plays football and golf, swims, and surfs ___ having no limbs. (in place of / in spite of)

10.Kanae was attracted ______________ Nick's message. (by/to)

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11.I read a news paper article _____________ a disabled person. ( on/about)

12.Finally Nick and Miyahara fell _____________ love. (with/in)

13.Ravi and Rani were blessed _____________ a baby girl. (with/of)

14.Victoria dressed________ her mother's instructions. (according to / in order to)

15.Wangari Mathai fought ____________ equal rights for women in Africa. (for, with)

16.We have engaged _____________ conflict. (to, in)

17. Women work _____________ the farms. (on, in )

18. They should take _____the responsibility of protecting their environment. (up, down)

19. I was born ____________ a middle - class Tamil family. (in, into )

20. A sudden demand _____________ tamarind seeds erupted in the market. (for, to)


1) of 2) to 3) to 4) to 5) From 6) of 7) at 8) ahead of 9) inspite of 10) to 11) about 12) in

13) with 14) according to 15) For 16) in 17) on 18) up 19) into 20) For 

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