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Diary Entry and Script for Speech

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Diary Entry and Script for Speech

Creative Expressions Diary Entry and Script for Speech

2. We know that Mr. Narayana Murthy got a high rank in the IIT entrance test. He was ambitious Of joining IIT Madras. All his dreams were shattered when his father expressed his helplessness to send Murthy to IIT. Now imagine that you were Mr. Narayana Murthy and express your feelings in the form of ‘Diary entry’:

                    DIARY ENTRY

4th February 2019


Dear diary,

Today is the most unpleasant day in my life. When I got a high rank in today’s IIT results, my joy knew no bounds. Father appreciated me heartily. But, all my dreams were burnt to ashes when he expressed his helplessness to send me to IIT Madras. He suggested me to study engineering in Mysore. His suggestion struck me like a bolt from the blue. But, I can understand the father’s financial limitations. It’s my responsibility to obey him. I know that a person’s success does not depend on the institution he/she studies in. It depends on his/her hard work, dedication, and determination. I will prove my mettle with my hard work and sincerity. I hope God will bless me with success. All my friends are leaving for IIT Madras tomorrow. I will see them off at the railway station and wish them.

                                                        Narayana Murthy

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Script For Your Speech.

1. You are the secretary of the English language club. you are asked to give a speech on the topic “ Failures are the stepping stones to success “ on the occasion of a motivational meeting in your school. Write a script for your speech.

Dear friends,

I feel happy to be here before you to give a brief speech on this occasion. You need to go under depression when you face failures in life.

Failures usually come in our daily life. They are always a part of all successful stories.

People like Abraham Lincoln, Lee De Forest, Wright Brother, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford faced failures in their life. But they did not lose heart. Many people stop their efforts in their goals when they happen to face failures. 

But great and successful people do not stop their efforts when they face failures. They learn good lessons from their failures. They use their failures as the stepping stones in their work. They do not go under depression. They continue their work with the same hope and determination and dedication. They do not think of their failures. 

Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

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