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Noun Forms Slip Test

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered Appropriate Forms Slip Test For 20 Marks. After practicing Noun forms / Other forms Slip Test, please do share it with your friends.
Appropriate Forms Slip Test

Appropriate Forms Slip Test For 20 Marks

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the underlined words. 20 Marks

I. 2 Marks

(a) Wangari Maathai is an environment activist. Her ___________ led her to win Nobel Peace Prize. 

(b) In a developed country, ___________ is balanced.

(c) The government of the day should show its capability by providing good  ___________ to people. 

(d) We were trying to respond to the basic needs of the people in the rural areas.  Our___________ was well received by them.

II. 2 Marks

(a) Wangari Maathai was successful in transforming the women of Africa and the  ___________ made her happy.

(b) Natural resources in the world can be sustained if only there is ___________

 Management of them.

(c) It is everyone’s duty to keep the environs clean, with the co-operation of the

citizens the government can protect the ___________ .

(d) We must restore our environment and always try to ensure its___________ .

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III. 2 Marks

(a)Please permit me to go early. We need your written _________________.

(b) He behaved badly in the school. Hence he was sent out for his bad ___________.

(c) Millions of pilgrims go on ___________ to Thirumala every year.

(d) Forests produce food and wood. we have to increase the ___________ of forests

IV. 2 Marks

(a) He talks too much. He is very ___________person.

(b) we will inform you as soon as we receive ___________ about the situaion.

(c) The death of the leader is a mystery. The Police are investigating the ___________ case.

(d) Please don’t compare your child with others. There is no ___________ between them.

V. 2 Marks

(a) The clerk is a faithful worker. His ___________ helped him to get the promotion.

(b)There is no doubt about his honesty. But I am ___________ about his ability.

(c) He was very hungry. His ___________ made him to become a thief .

(d) Many students will exhibittheir Science Projects in Science ___________.

VI. 2 Marks

(a) My friend, madhav is a ___________ man.

(b) Don’t hesitate. If you believe in something you should do it without any ___________.

(c) My friend was admitted in a private Medical college, later his ___________ was cancelled

 by the Court order.

(d) The news was interrupted. So the news reader apologized for the ___________.

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VII. 2 Marks

(a) Every personhas his own ___________ opinions on various matters.

(b) The dog bite infected his leg and its ___________ resulted in his death.

(c) Everyone appreciates his helping nature. He really deserves the ___________ .

(d) Our D.E.O will inspect our school. The ___________ will take place next month.

VIII. 2 Marks

(a) One should be ambitious enough to realize his ___________ .

(b) I don’t think it is a possible to convince him; there is absolutely no ___________.

(c) We imagine something and sometimes our ___________ may become reality.

(d) We should never be ignorant of our rights. Our ___________ may result in hypocrisy.

IX. 2 Marks

(a) Krishna is a matured person. His ___________ can be seen in all his activities.

(b) The inspector wanted to examine the witness. His ___________ will help a lot in the case.

(c) The child is very curious to know about the science. His ___________ made him to become

 a great scientist.

(d) The police are looking for real ___________ in the case who committed the murder in the city .

X. 2 Marks

(a) My aunt is the real owner of the property.But she doesn’t has the records to prove her

__________to contest in the case.

(b) He looks very thin, but he is very strong. We don’t know how he got that ___________ .

(c) Make others happy and you will find ___________ in yourself.

(d) Though the clerk was warned several times for his late coming, he ignored all the___________.



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