Thursday 6 May 2021

Reported Speech Exercise

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered the Change the following into Reported Speech. After Practicing the Reported Speech Exercise, Please do share it with your friends.
Change the following into Reported Speech
Change the following into Reported Speech

Change the following into Reported Speech

1. He said, "I was doing homework."

2. Akhila said to me, "what is your name?"

3. Nandini will say, "I am lucky."

4. Raju said, "I am working hard."

5. She said to him, "You are late today."

6. Vishnu said to me, "Are you happy?"

7. "Would you please help me lift the box?" she said.

8. "May I come in, sir?"  The girl said to the teacher.

9. The old woman said, "Oh! What a terrible hot day it is?"

10. The manager said to her, "How badly you have done your work!"

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1. He said that he was doing homework.

2. Akhila asked me what my name was.

3. Nandini will say that she is lucky.

4. Raju said that he was working hard.

5. She told him that he was late that day.

6. Vishnu asked me whether / if I was happy.

7. She requested me to help her lift the box.

8. The girl asked the teacher whether/if she might come in.

9. The old woman exclaimed that it was a terribly hot day.

10. The manager remarked that she had done her work very badly.


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