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News Report Format

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News Report Format
News Report Format

A report combines a set of logical statements in an orderly manner. It gives facts about a situation or problem.

Indicators / Features of a News Report:

1.       Use an appropriate headline

2.       Write an appropriate lead sentence

3.       Present the facts in gist  

4.       Organise the collected information

5.       Use cohesive devices

6.       Maintain the paragraphs

For Example: Report how your school celebrated

1. Independence Day

2. Annual Sports Day

3. National Science Day

4. Teachers‘ Day

5. A Road accident you witnessed.

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Write a news report on a Clean and Green in your school.

Swach Bharath … Swach Vidhyalaya

Sakshi News bureau, 27th Nov, Tadimarri: Today students at Z.P. High School started a club to improve the school ground by the making the garden and picking up litter in the name of ―Swach Bharath … Swach Vidhyalaya.‖

Trees are life- Let us not kill them,‘ says Head Master ‗instead, Plant them- Let them live.‘ Indeed the high school area looks like the sense of community spirit. Nursery in the school supplied for this project.           It‘s amazing to know we have this community support and a keen sense of environmental awareness‘ says the Student volunteer.

Every student participated in a rally in groups around the village tried to raise funds to make the programme successfully. The headmaster, Sarpanch, MPTC, all other community leaders participated and appreciated children.

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