Monday 28 August 2023

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Hi friends! In this post, you are going to learn "I plan to + V1 ... " structure. This English Speaking Course is purely free for everyone to learn. I would be very glad if you share this article with your friends and students.

Learn English Online
Learn English Online

I plan to + V1 ...........

'Plan to' describes something that you would like to do in the near future.
Here are 50 sentences with "I plan to" for you:
1.I plan to learn a new language this year.
2.I plan to start a business next year.
3.I plan to travel to Europe next summer.
4.I plan to read at least one book a month.
5.I plan to volunteer at a local charity organization.
6.I plan to save enough money to buy a new car.
7.I plan to join a gym and start working out regularly.
8.I plan to attend a writing workshop to improve my skills.
9.I plan to take a cooking class to learn new recipes.
10.I plan to plant a vegetable garden in my backyard.
11.I plan to learn how to play a musical instrument.
12.I plan to take up photography as a hobby.
13.I plan to adopt a pet from a local animal shelter.
14.I plan to write a novel and get it published.
15.I plan to start a podcast and share my knowledge with others.
16.I plan to buy a new house within the next two years.
17.I plan to start investing in the stock market.
18.I plan to take a trip to the Grand Canyon.
19.I plan to organize a fundraiser for a worthy cause.
20.I plan to learn how to code and develop software.
21.I plan to start a YouTube channel and create content.
22.I plan to learn how to dance salsa.
23.I plan to take a public speaking course to overcome my fear.
24.I plan to visit all 50 states in the US.
25.I plan to learn how to surf and ride the waves.
26.I plan to take a meditation class to improve my mental health.
27.I plan to join a book club and discuss literature with others.
28.I plan to write a children's book and illustrate it.
29.I plan to start a blog and share my thoughts online.
30.I plan to learn how to sew and make my own clothes.
31.I plan to take a pottery class and make ceramics.
32.I plan to organize a beach cleanup to protect the environment.
33.I plan to hike the Appalachian Trail from start to finish.
34.I plan to take a wine-tasting class and become a sommelier.
35.I plan to participate in a marathon and run the entire distance.
36.I plan to take a scuba diving course and explore the ocean.
37.I plan to learn how to knit and make winter clothes.
38.I plan to volunteer at a hospital and help others in need.
39.I plan to take a painting class and express myself artistically.

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40.I plan to start a non-profit organization and make a difference.
41.I plan to learn how to make sushi and other Japanese dishes.
42.I plan to take a language immersion course to become fluent.
43.I plan to go on a road trip across the country with friends.
44.I plan to write a memoir and share my life story.
45.I plan to take a woodworking class and make furniture.
46.I plan to take a self-defense course and protect myself.
47.I plan to start a social media campaign to raise awareness.
48.I plan to learn how to ride a motorcycle and hit the open road.
49.I plan to take a fashion design class and create my own style.
50.I plan to visit a different country every year and learn about new cultures.
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