Friday 1 September 2023

English Speaking Course -5

Hi friends! In this post, you are going to learn "I'm getting + Adj/Adv … " structure. This English Speaking Course -5 is purely free for everyone to learn. I would be very glad if you share this article with your friends and students.

English Speaking Course -5
English Speaking Course -5

I'm getting + Adj/Adv + ....

"I am getting" structure is used to express a change or development in a person's state or situation. 

Here are 50 sentences with "I'm getting":

1.I'm getting ready for the party tonight.

2.I'm getting better at playing the piano.

3.I'm getting frustrated with this traffic.

4.I'm getting older and wiser every day.

5.I'm getting nervous about the job interview.

6.I'm getting hungry and need to eat soon.

7.I'm getting excited to travel to a new country.

8.I'm getting tired of the same routine.

9.I'm getting more confident in my abilities.

10.I'm getting closer to achieving my goals.

Also Read:

11.I'm getting sick of the cold weather.

12.I'm getting used to the new neighborhood.

13.I'm getting stressed out with the workload.

14.I'm getting more skilled at using technology.

15.I'm getting more interested in learning about different cultures.

16.I'm getting happier with my life choices.

17.I'm getting more organized with my schedule.

18.I'm getting impatient with the slow service.

19.I'm getting better at managing my finances.

20.I'm getting more comfortable with public speaking.

21.I'm getting more responsible as I grow older.

22.I'm getting more creative with my hobbies.

23.I'm getting more motivated to exercise regularly.

24.I'm getting more knowledgeable about my field of work.

25.I'm getting better at expressing my emotions.

26.I'm getting more involved in community service.

27.I'm getting more adventurous with my travels.

28.I'm getting more mindful of my thoughts and actions.

29.I'm getting more patient with others.

30.I'm getting more compassionate towards those in need.

31.I'm getting more excited about the possibilities of the future.

32.I'm getting more careful with my health.

33.I'm getting more grateful for the little things in life.

34.I'm getting more comfortable with who I am.

35.I'm getting more confident in my personal style.

36.I'm getting more excited about the upcoming concert.

37.I'm getting more excited about my career prospects.

38.I'm getting more open-minded about different opinions.

39.I'm getting more interested in sustainability and environmental issues.

40.I'm getting more curious about the world around me.

41.I'm getting more determined to make a positive impact.

42.I'm getting more appreciative of the people in my life.

43.I'm getting more adventurous with my food choices.

44.I'm getting more comfortable with taking risks.

45.I'm getting more mindful of my spending habits.

46.I'm getting more interested in personal development.

47.I'm getting more accepting of my flaws and imperfections.

48.I'm getting more excited about the possibilities of technology.

49.I'm getting more motivated to volunteer and help others.

50.I'm getting more comfortable with change and uncertainty.


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