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I Will Do It Slip Test Class - 10 English

Hi Friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered I Will Do It Slip Test for 30 Marks. After writing this Slip Test of I Will Do It, Please share it with your friends. You can Also play English Grammar Quizzes

 I Will Do It Slip Test

I Will Do It Slip Test (30 Marks)

I. Comprehension Questions                        5 X 1 = 5 Marks

1. What was Narayana Murthy’s father?  


2. Write the full form of I.I.T.


3. ‘The D-Day came’ – What do you mean by ‘D-Day?’    


4.  What did Murthy prove / show other Indians?   


5.  He was thrilled – Who was thrilled and why?


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II. One-word Substitutions 5 X 1 = 5 Marks

    Now write the Meanings of One-word Substitutions

1. Fatalist :

2. Centenarian :

3. Omnipresent :

4. Autobiography:

5. Biography :

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III. Find the most appropriate one-word substitutes for the following.  5 X 1 = 5 Marks

1. A person or thing that cannot be corrected

A. unintelligible B.indelible C.illegible D.incorrigible

2. A person of good understanding, knowledge and reasoning power

A. expert B. intellectual C.snob D. literate

3. A person who knows many languages

A.linguist B.grammarian C.polyglot D.bilingual

4. One who possesses many talents

A.versatile B.prodigy C. Exceptional D.Gifted

5. Words inscribed on a tomb

A.epitome B.epistle C.epilogue D.epitaph

IV. Grammar                                                        5 X 1 = 5 Marks

1.  He could grasp theories of science. (Change into Passive Voice)

Ans: ___________________________________________________________

2. You know our financial position. (Change into Passive Voice)

Ans: ___________________________________________________________

3. He was following the philosophy of the Bhagavath Gita. (Change into Passive Voice)

Ans: ___________________________________________________________

4. The boy said, ‘Anna, I have passed the exam.’(Change into Indirect Speech)

Ans: ___________________________________________________________

14 Combine the sentences using ‘although’.

We booked a holiday. We had very little money.

V. You have read the lesson "I will Dot It" lesson. When the IIT entrance result came, Murthy met his father and said, ‘Anna, I have passed the exam.’

Now write a possible conversation between Murthy and his father. 1 X 5 = 5 Marks


VI. Read the following pie chart carefully

Percentage distribution of the expenditure incurred in publishing a book. 

Now, Answer the following questions.              5x1=5M
a) What does the above pie chart show?
b) What is the major expenditure made in publishing a book?
c) Promotion cost is as much as....       (      )
(i) Royalty (ii) Transportation cost (iii) Paper cost
d) The difference in percentage between paper cost and printing cost is.. (     )
(i) 5% (ii) 45% (iii) 25%
e) Which of the following statements is true according to the pie chart?     (     )
(i) Royalty on the book is 10%.
(ii) Promotion cost is higher than printing cost.
(iii) Transportation cost is lesser than binding cost.



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