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Fill in the blanks with Opposite Words

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered Attitude Is Altitude Opposites Worksheet, After practicing Fill in the blanks with Opposite Words, Please do share it with your friends.
Attitude Is Altitude Opposites Worksheet
Attitude Is Altitude Opposites Worksheet

I. a) Nick began travelling the world but his friends__________

b) Nick has friends as well as ___________

c) Bravery and ____________don’t go in combination

d) We should try to encourage other people but we should not___________them.

II. a) I unwore my old shoes and____________new ones.

b) Nick does not like to be dependent on anyone. He wants to be__________

c) The manager of the office was efficient but the clerks were____________

d) Nick is successful in many matters as well as________in a few matters.

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III. a) It is possible to achieve our goal if we try. Nothing is _____for a person who works


b) We must increase forest productivity. Forest cover has ___ by half in the past


c) The Karnataka government ordered its policy to arrest veerappan dead or _______.

d) Man is mortal but nature is ________.

IV. a) Please remember our freindship forever. Don’t.________.

b) Raju is working in a temporary post. It becomes________ in a short time.

c) Be regular to school; if you are ________ you will fail.

d) Whatever the man proposes. God ______ it

V. a) A rich man buys costly goods but poor man buys_______ goods.

b) A goat is timid in nature but it can become__________when faced with danger.

c) Sai does not like to be dependent on any one. He wants to be_________.

d) The manager of the office was efficient, but the clerks were________.

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