Wednesday 5 May 2021

Adjectives Worksheet

Hi friends! In this article, You are going to Identify The Adjectives In Sentences. After practicing this Adjectives Worksheet, Please do share it with your friends. I have covered English Grammar Topics and Quizzes Here.

Identify The Adjectives In Sentences
Identify The Adjectives In Sentences

Identify The Adjectives In Sentences

1. Ravi brought three T-shirts from Hyderabad.

2. There were two members in this family.

3. I drank a little milk.

4. We don’t have much time.

5. There are no fruits in the market.

6. You may take any pen.

7. She has given me several toys.

8. She ate ten chapatis.

9. I bought the last book.

10. He gets the first rank.

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11. Raju has done many mistakes.

12. Please Give me a little time.

13. There are many books on the table.

14. We have no time to wait here.

15. Ravi stood in the second place.

16. Indira Gandhi is our first lady P.M.

17. She bought ten sarees.

18. He learned answers for this exam.

19. I have a little hope on you.

20. They have many ideas.

21. He wasted much amount.

22. He prepared many items.

23. She served a lot.

24. He is showing much interest.

25. They had not brought any thing.

Adjectives Worksheet  Answers

1. three

2. two, this

3. a, little

4. much

5. no, the

6. any

7. several

8. ten

9. the, last

10. the, first

11. many

12.a little,

13. many, the

14. no

15. the, second

16. our, first

17. ten

18. this

19. a, little

20. many

21. much

22. many

23. a, lot

24. much

25. any


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