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Wrongly Spelt Words Worksheet

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered the Vowel Clusters, Suffixes, Wrongly Spelt Words Worksheet. After Practicing, Please do share it with your friends.
Vowel Clusters, Suffixes, Wrongly Spelt Words Worksheet
Vowel Clusters, Suffixes, Wrongly Spelt Words Worksheet

Vowel Clusters, Suffixes, Wrongly Spelt Words Worksheet

Complete the spelling of the words with ‘ea’, ‘ia’, ‘ou’, ‘ae’, ‘ie’, ‘ue’, ‘au’, ‘iu’.

10 Marks

Vowel Clusters

1.He is a huge fan of the English Prem__ __ r Leag __ __.

2.His parents decided not to send him to a spec __ __ l sch__ __ l.

3.His distr __ __ ght mother couldn’t bring herself to hold him.

4.My dad put me in water at 18 months and gave the c __ __ rage to l__ __ rn how to swim.

5.Nick’s father was a computer programmer and acc __ __ ntant.

6.His parents insisted on his attending mainstr__ __ m sch__ __ l.

7.I could brush my own t__ __ th with a wall m __ __ nted brush.

8.Nick managed to pull through to become an internat__ __ nal symbol of tr__ __ mph

over adversity.

9.He has visited different c__ __ ntries all over the world.

10.Kanae Miyahara, a be __ __ tiful young girl attended to a m__ __ ting.

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Complete the words with correct suffixes given in brackets.       6 Marks

1.His disability came without any medical explana.................  (tion / sion).

2.It was very hard but it gave me independ.......................        (ance / ence).          

3.There was so much that was imposs……………… (able / ible) for me.'    

4.Luckily the attempt was unsuccess........................      (ful / full).      

5.Nick became an international symbol of triumph over adver.................       (sity / city).

6.Nick won the Australian Young Citizen of the Year award for his brav……(ery / ary).

Wrongly Spelt Words

Find the wrongly spelt word and write its correct spelling.           4. Marks

1.desision,     occurrence,   pregnancy,    independent Ans:________________,   strenth,           fantastic,        mobility          Ans:________________

3.purpose,     triumph                      advercity        magazine      Ans:________________

4.engage,      marrage,        message,       encourage,    Ans:________________

Vowel Clusters Answers                                                                                                             

1.(i) Premier              (ii) League                                                                

2.(i) special               (ii) school                                                                  

3.(i) distraught

4.(i) courage             (ii) learn

5.(i) accountant

6.(i) mainstream       (ii) school                                                                              

7.(i) teeth                   (ii) mounted                                                              

8.(i) international      (ii) triumph                                                                            

9.(i) countries                                                                                                                      

10.(i) beautiful          (ii) meeting   


Suffixes Answers                                                                                                  

1. explanation         

2. independence                 

3. impossible                                                                                                           

4. unsuccessful       

5. adversity               

6. bravery,    

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Wrongly Spelt Words Answers

1. decision   

2. strength,   

3. adversity                           

4. marriage     

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