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Direct And Indirect Speech SlipTest 20 Marks 

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered Direct And Indirect Speech Worksheet  / Exercise. After practicing Direct And Indirect Speech SlipTest 20 Marks, Please do share it with your friends.

Direct And Indirect Speech Worksheet  / Exercise

Change the following sentences into the Indirect speech:

1. Balu said, “I don’t drink coffee.”

A) Balu said that he didn’t drink coffee.

2. The teacher said to Ramu, “How old are you?”

A) The teacher asked Ramu how old he was.

3. My uncle said to me, “What is your name?”

A) My uncle asked me what my name was.

4. Sita said, “I am busy now.”

A) Sita said that she was busy then.

5. Anita said, “We are late today.”

A) Anita said that they were late that day.

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6. Prathiba said, “My aunt is in England.”

A) Prathiba said that her aunt was in England.

7. He said, “Oh God! I will never steal again.”

A) He exclaimed that he would never steal again.

8. The Station Master said, “The train will be late.”

A) The Station said that the train would be late.

9. He said, “I have been ill since yesterday.”

A) He said that he had been ill since the previous day.

10. Alice said, “Alea, how clever you are!”

A) Alice admired Alea that she was very clever.

11. Neeraja said to me, “I will help you.”

A) Neeraja told me that she would help me.

12. The teacher said, “Be silent in the class.”

A) The teacher ordered the students to be silent in the class.

13. Mohan said to me, “I met Suresh in Mumbai.”

A) Mohan told me that he had met Suresh in Mumbai.

14. “What is this strange cry?” said Shankar.

A) Shankar asked me what that strange cry was.

15. “Please go there”, he said to me.

A) He requested me to go there.

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