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Dear Departed A Complete Guide

Hi friends and my dear students! In this post, I have covered Dear Departed A Complete Guide. After reading this Dear Departed Material, Please do share with your friends. You also can Learn English Grammar Online free here and Play Grammar Quizzes here.
Dear Departed A Complete Guide
Dear Departed A Complete Guide

Dear Departed Complete Material

I. Make compound adjectives choosing one word from list ‘A’ and another word from list ‘B’ and fill in the blanks with them.


   List ‘A’                   List ‘B’           Compound Adjective

1. clear                      last                 eg. clear-sighted

2. new                        sunk               ______________________

3. cold                        head               ______________________

4. four                         blood              ______________________

5. curly                       day                  ______________________

6. well                         star                 ______________________

7. half                         read                ______________________

8. five                         lay                   ______________________

9. peacock                 blue                ______________________

10.long                       sight                ______________________

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1. clear-sighted                    2. new blue

3. cold-blooded                    4. four-day

5. curly-deded                      6. well-read

7. half-sunk                           8. five-star

9. peacock-laid                     10.long-lasting

1. Sindhu is very clear-sighted about her choice.

2. The headmaster suggested a ____________________ trip to Hyderabad.

3. The _____________________________ girl who is under the tree is my sister.

4. All the people were shocked at the sight of this _______________ murder.

5. After the terrible tempest, the ___________________ sailing boat was unusable.

6. Prasad booked a room in a ___________________ hotel for Srikanth.

7. Every week, __________________ eggs are used by my mother to make some wonderful cakes.

8. This _____________________ coat is too large for me.

9. It was a _____________________ war between the English and the French.

10. I like to correspond with this __________________ teacher. She speaks about interesting topics.


1. clear-sighted                    2. four-day

3. curly-deded                      4. cold-blooded

5. half-sunk                           6. five-star

7. peacock-laid                     8. new blue

9. long-lasting                      10.well-read


II. Write words that are likely to be confused with the words given. Find their meanings and use them in sentences of your own to show the difference in meaning.

1. alter -                     2. principal -

3. gait -                       4. canvas -

5. check -                   6. ceiling -

7. complement -         8. stationary -

9. all ready -              10. advice -


Example Sentences using the words:

1. (a) alter                  : I could not recognise him because his face altered much.

    (b) altar                  : I touched the alter in the temple with a sacred feeling.

2. (a) principal          : Sindhu met her college principal.

    (b) principle          : He is a man of principles.

3. (a) gait                   : Raju walked with a rolling gait.   

    (b) gate                  : I stood at the gate waiting for my friend for an hour.

4. (a) canvas             : He used to paint on expensive canvas. :

    (b) canvass           : He canvassed for his party to win in the elections.

5. (a) check               : The police checked all my luggage at the check-post.

    (b) cheque            :  Ganesh offered a blank cheque to Priyanka.

6. (a) ceiling              : The ceiling of this room was painted white.

    (b) sealing             : Gowtami is sealing the covers to post them.

7. (a) complement    : Every school needs teachers who complement each other.

     (b) compliment    : Our teachers complimented me on getting good marks.

8. (a) stationary        : The stationary car was dashed by a lorry.

    (b) stationery        : Meghana bought some stationery for her project work.

9. (a) all ready          :  Are you all ready?

    (b) already            : Sravani has already passed the exam.

10. (a) advice            : It is difficult to give advice to anybody.

     (b) advise             : Our English teacher always advises us to buy a dictionary.

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III. Here is list of idioms and idiomatic expressions used in the play, 'The Dear Departed'. Guess their meanings. Then look them up in a dictionary, note down their meanings and use them in your sentences.

1. get one's own way

2. for ages

3. set foot

4. drive a hard bargain

5. get rid of

6. give way

7. at length

8. on purpose

9. took by surprise

10. at a loss


Meanings of Idioms and Phrases with Examples

1. get one's own way = get or do what one wants in spite of opposition

Example : Some people are prepared to do anything to get their own way.

2. for ages = a long period of time

Example : I have not met my classmates for ages.

3. set foot = enter

Example : We set foot in a new house yesterday.

4. drive a hard bargain = work hard to negotiate agreements in one's own favour

Example : The two sisters drove a hard bargain to take their shares in their father's property.

5. get rid of = remove /lose/take action so as to be free of a troublesome person

Example : I want to get rid of Mahesh because he has many bad habits.

6. give way = collapse or fall down suddenly

Example : Ramana gave way when a heavy rice bag fell upon him.

7. at length = in detail

Example : We discussed our tour schedule at length. 

8. on purpose intentionally

Example : Vamsi greeted me at school on purpose. He wants some money from me.

9. took by surprise = surprise someone with something unexpected

Example : I took my friend by surprise by presenting a gold watch to him.

10. at a loss = making less money that is spent for buying / uncertain to say

Example: She sold her house at a loss of Rs. 50000/.

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IV. Complete the following sentences using 'enough' / 'not enough' and one of the words given in list below.

 fast                strong                         time               sweet            money

  old                warm                          beds               hard                water

1. Harish wants to be a great wrestler but he is ___________________________ .

2. I want to sit and watch T.V. but I just don't have _____________________ .

3. He tried to win the race but he came third as he was not ________________ .

4. This bath is freezing. The water is ________________________________ .

5. We had to sleep on the floor as there were ________________________ .

6. There is ________________ to make a cup of tea! What is wrong with the pipes?

7. If Sujatha does not have ___________________, I can lend her.

8. Vasavi is not _____________________ to become a member of this club. She must

be at least 18 years of age to join.

9. Is this coffee ________________ for you? Would you like some more sugar?

10. Do you think he has studied _____________________ to pass the entrance exam?


1. not strong enough           2. enough time

3. fast enough                      4. not warm enough

5. not enough beds 6. not enough water

7. enough money                8. old enough

9. sweet enough                  10.hard enough

V. Fill in each blank with the correct compound prepositional phrase from the options given under each sentence.

1. I finished my project work several days ________________ the deadline.

(a) instead of                         (b) ahead of              (c) in spite of

2. Sravani goes to school ______________________ Yamuna daily.

(a) according to        (b) in spite of             (c) along with

3. My house stands _______________ all the other houses in the street as it is big in size.

(a) apart from                        (b) in accordance with         (c) in addition to

4. Madhu got a good job ____________________ his own abilities and skills.

(a) in addition to       (b) instead of                         (c) by means of

5. She was unable to attend the party ______________ her marriage engagement.

(a) in spite of             (b) in addition to       (c) due to

6. ______________ fire, ring the alarm bell.

(a) In spite of             (b) In case of                         (c) In addition to

7. Sriram continued his batting carefully ________________ his team though he was hungry.

(a) for the sake of     (b) in addition to       (c) in front of

8. You should complete your B.Ed. _____________________ your B.Sc to get a teacher job.

(a) in addition to       (b) according to        (c) in spite of

9. The physical director of our school selected me ____________________ my friend, Ganesh for tomorrow's match.

(a) in spite of             (b) in place of            (c) ahead of

10. ________________ his poverty, he completed his Ph.D. in English.

(a) In place of           (b) For the sake of   (c) In spite of


1. ahead of                2. along with            

3. apart from             4. by means of

5. due to                     6. in case of

7. for the sake of      8. in addition to

9. in place of    spite of

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VI. Read the following contexts and express them using expressions 'It's quite time', 'It's high time', 'It's time' or 'It's about time'

1. Bhavani usually wakes up at 6 a.m. daily. It is 6.15 a.m. now. Bhavani has not woken up

yet. You feel it is already late. Express your idea using 'It's high time'.

A: ______________________________________________________________

2. You and your friend have spent more time than you spend daily in the playground. You

feel it is late and better to go home. What would you say to your friend? Use the

expression 'It's time'.

A: ______________________________________________________________

3. You to your friend: 'You have not thought seriously about what you want to do in your

life.' How would you express this idea using 'It's high time'.

A: ____________________________________________________________

4. Your friend promised you to make a phone call at 7 a.m. But you haven't received any

phone call from him yet. Now it is 7.30 a.m. How would you express this idea using 'It's

about time'?

A: ____________________________________________________________

5. Your friend has been working on a project for 5 months. But he has not completed it yet.

You feel that your friend should take your help to complete the project fast. Give him /

her advice using 'It's time.

A: ____________________________________________________________


1. It's high time Bhavani woke up.

2. It's time we went home.

3. It's high time you thought seriously about what you want to do in your life.

4. It's time I received a phone call.

5. It's time you completed your project work. Why don't you take my help to complete the project work fast?

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